Friday, 18 July 2014

Getaway to Sejerø

We had a lovely getaway to Sejerø with some good friends of ours. Sejerø is a charming, tiny island (12,4 km2) in the Kattegat sea. It takes about 40 minutes to sail to Sejerø from the town of Havnsø in Zealand. 

There is only 400 inhabitants in Sejerø - in the summertime though more, since the summer guests, staying in the summerhouses and in the sailing boats in the harbour, are visiting and staying in this beautiful island.

The island is long and narrow ... We visited the eastern tip of the island - finding interesting stones and also a small skeleton - of a fish, a rabbit or a 
bird? We saw a deer running across the narrow road - also many swallows that had build their nests on little holes on the top of the sandy hills.

Our friend picked up this stone: What does it remind you of?

Birds started their evening concert, as we sat outside and had a barbecue ... Witnessing the sun go down behind the fields was beautiful, while hearing the waves from the sea, and feeling the warmth of summer & fellowship.

 ...Weekend greetings,


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  1. Oh Nina,
    The photographs are so vivid, I could hear the sea and feel the chilly water myself. Really!
    The stone reminds me of a whale.
    Many beautiful blessings to you and yours this weekend.
    xxoo, m & jb -who DOES give hugs xx and kisses oo

    1. The water was so clear and the ocean was so blue, Maureen ... I carry these moments with me to brighten up the cold, winter months :)
      Happy weekend to you, Maureen - and to JB as well!

  2. Hello dear Nina! Your getaway looks wonderful and so relaxing. The sky reminds me of an artist that used brushstrokes to make it look so "feathery" and of course that artist would be our Heavenly Father :)

    Beautiful pictures of the water - so clear and refreshing! And the rock looks just like a whale :) Blessings to you, my sweet friend.

    1. Oh yes, the Great Artist does paint the most wonderful skies ... It makes one feel so little, when admiring His creation!
      I'm so happy for the little getaway ... And that the weather was with us :)
      Blessings to your weekend - and Congratulations on the 2 years Blog Anniversary!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Gilina!
      Sunshine to your weekend :)

  4. Replies
    1. It is a very charming island! Somehow the time stands still, as you step into the ferry ... A very concrete way to get distance to the everyday life :)

  5. Such a lovely place, and it looks like you had a blast. :)
    I agree, that stone looks like a whale.
    Have a happy weekend, Nina.

    1. Thank you, Kia - It was a lovely, little break :)
      Seeing the familiar places with special peeps, and enjoying the warm weather and nature ... So happy it was possible!

  6. on instagram i thought the rock had a heart on it ... now i am wondering what you might see? what a lovely area. gorgeous times. have a great & fun weekend!! ( :

  7. Love the pictures. What a wonderful place to visit!

  8. Beautiful photos, wonderful skies!

  9. It looks like a wonderful place, Nina, so nice you all had a great time !
    Lovely photos ... and what a gorgeous sunset !
    Have a nice weekend,

  10. Så vackra bilder!!
    Ha en skön sommar :)

  11. What a lovely place to visit ! Your photos are beautiful :)

  12. You have captured your experience well. What a beautiful place.

  13. Love the image if the little curl of wave on the shore


  14. What a lovely place to visit, Nina - such pretty photos! xo Karen


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