Sunday, 11 November 2012

Reflections and mirrors

As we came home from the swimming hall 
the rain had passed, and there were 
small pools of water everywhere. 
The pools were like small mirrors, 
reflecting the blue sky and the trees around. 
This lead me to think about how I am mirroring the ones around me - 
What does my eyes, words, behavior mirror to them? 
How do they perceive themselves throught the mirror I provide to them? 
 What kind of mirror am I?

"As the water reflects the face, 
so one's life reflects the heart."
 Proverbs 27:19

I have found a mirror 
that reflects unconditional love, hope and mercy ... 
It is to be found in our heavenly Father, 
who sees us as we are, 
loves as we are, and 
 mirrors always loving care and accept.


There is so much beauty in life, 
Beauty in the human soul, 
Beauty in the heart and in the mind 
Of the good man and woman. 
There is beauty in the nature,
Beauty in the sky and and in the clouds,
In the mountains and in the sea.
There is beauty in the creative work of man,
Beauy in the friendship.
And immeasurable beauty in love.
All God's blessings
 To delight us in the world.

Emmy Nielsen Reyes de Gaspar

studio waterstone
Ni Hao Yall


  1. Mirror mirror in the water,

    tells the right and wrong,

    without lies.

  2. Beautiful ! :) Post AND photos :)

  3. Just beautiful and how you compared the two...Fabulous!

  4. Oh my...these were just incredible shots!!

    Hope your Sunday is a blessed one!

  5. That third image is just lovely! And what a great reminder that our faces, no matter our circumstances, should reflect the peace we have as His children!

  6. Beautiful images! So very crystal clear. Have a great Sunday. xoxo

  7. I'm deeply drawn to reflected images, mirror like water, and brilliant foliage - you caught a beautiful moment here.

  8. wonderful!!
    ... have a terrific Sunday!

  9. Beautiful words to match beautiful images

  10. so beautiful! I hope you will join me and others in creating a gratitude quilt of words... information about the quilt and how to participate can be found at the top of my blog:-)

    1. Thank you Laura! The gratitude quilt of words sounds really nice, I'll visit your blog to read more about it :)

  11. Glorious photos...! Beautiful analogies. Yes, that we would be such mirrors of his heart! ~ Pam, Apples of Gold,

  12. These are glorious images. I'm especially smitten with the 2nd one of the trees against that blue sky. Wonderful job!

  13. Gorgeous... words and photos and thoughts.

  14. Lovely photos!! They remind me of a beautiful fall day I got to spend on the water here in northern Minnesota, capturing the leaves on the water.
    Your "about me" reminds me of myself.. and of my post that I linked to for Simple Things Sunday. :)
    New follower!

    1. Thank you Amanda, and welcome to follow my blog! I've been following yours for some time now - I love the nature pictures you take!

  15. Replies
    1. Thank you so much Kerri! I'm happy that you're following Thoughts & Images :-)

  16. Stunning!!!!! I love the refection of the sky in the leaf photo at the top of your post.

    Hope to see you stop by and pay a visit sometime soon. Have a glorious week ahead.

    1. Hi Anni, Thank you for your sweet words! I visited your blog, I like a lot the qustions in the end of your posts!

  17. Calling by from Macro Monday,what lovely words and photos. :)

  18. Lovely Nina -- reflections of ourselves are sometimes difficult to view.

    1. Thank you Nancy! You're right, it is almost impossible to see the reflections of oneself.

  19. Extremely attractive colors, composition and contrast. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Beautiful words and beautiful photos. I think about this with my stepdaughters, leading a strong example for them. Showing them love and kindness and knowing they will show the same to me and to everyone they meet. xoxo

    PS I posted my fall photos!! I can't wait for you to take a look, thanks again for the tips on how to take great leaf photos.

    1. Hi Diana, Your fall pictures are stunning - I wrote more under your newest post ... so many beautiful photos! And I like your new blog design a lot!

  21. SO beautiful! These pictures are stunning!

  22. Gorgeous! Really wonderful job.


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