Sunday, 13 July 2014

African Rhythms and Summer Landscapes

The weather has been sunny and warm this week - Thursday was the warmest day this summer, the temperature reached up to +30 C / +86 F. 
I have enjoyed the summer feeling on the evening walks - either in the forest, where my husband and the boys are running, or by the nearby lake.

It's been rather warm in the office - Open windows help a lot, thought. 
On Thursday morning I invited my colleagues to a "Farewell-Breakfast" - It was so nice that many had the possibility to join ... 
I cherish the nice words and speech I received - hiding them in my heart - Being thankful of the people I have gotten to know,  and everything I have learned and been able to experience during the last 5 years.

I received a beautiful bouquet from a sweet colleague of mine on Friday - She had bind it together herself! (I'll post a picture in colours next week :) Packing the office down in Friday took longer than I expected, sorting out what would be important to save, what should be thrown out takes time.
New adventures at the new work are awaiting after the summer holidays ...

We celebrated the 16th birthday of our oldest son in Friday, eating out at his favourite restaurant Wagamama, which has a Japanese kitchen. He invited some friends along ... Cake and family celebration continued on Saturday. 
I'm thankful for our boys - the time goes so fast! ... Watching them and their cousin yesterday - A bunch of lovely & wonderful teenagers :)

We listened to lively rhythms and special instruments yesterday at Skt. Hans Square, where King Ayisoba from Ghana played with his band at Copenhagen Jazz Festival:

"King Ayisoba is one of Ghana's most powerful music profiles. He is touring this year for the first time in the West with a full band of singers, musicians and energetic dancers home. 
The traditional music is based on a stringed lute called kologo. Accompanied by his brother, who plays on a special North Ghanesian hunting horns, King Ayisoba has created its own bony kind of blues filled with occupied rhythms, call and response vocals and raucous beauty."(

The weather took a drastic change to rain and cooler temperatures - well, I have a few good books that I've been looking forward to read - books and rainy days are a very good combination!

Wishing you a lovely weekend and happy holidays!


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  1. Lovely post! Yes, rainy days are great for reading books ....and editing photos :)
    Best of Luck with your new job - and Happy Birthday to your son :)

    1. Thank you Kerri ... yes, rainy days are made for books and photo editing :) I baked some cinnamon rolls to start the holiday with - always relaxing to get some dough in my fingers :) I might just bake a rasberry-cake tonight as well ... Our sons like it very much, and it's the season for fresh rasberries ...

  2. The depth of field and detail in the first shot is so fabulous! I love the pop of color. And congrats on having a 16-year-old! Looks like he celebrated in style.

    1. Thank you Lisa ... I'm doing A Photo a Day-project for the first time, and I've found it relaxing to take the daily pictures as I walk in the evenings :) And thank you ... It's lovely to have teens in the house - Time just flies away!

  3. Hi Nina!
    Since we are new blog friends, I didn't know thou are leaving your job for another. That's always bittersweet if you have liked where you have been. What is your profession?
    That jazz group from Ghana sounds like it was fab!
    Blessings -and thank you so much for your kind words and prayers. M and JB

    1. It was a delightful afternoon listening to these fresh rhythms, Maureen! I did send you an e-mail yesterday - I hope you've received it :) Blessings Nina

  4. Your photos are so gorgeous, I love the black and white one so much! I really need to catch up on all my favorite blogs. Thanks for linking up! xoxo

    1. Thank you Diana! I'm happy having found your Friday Blog Hop - planning to join this Friday as well :)


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