Friday, 4 July 2014

Forest Find

It is Friday and the weekend has started! I have been biking to work a few times this week (that is, biking to the train, and from the train to work :) ... It is a pleasure to bike, even these small distances.

I found this little bug in the forest, on this white flower the other day - It would be nice to get a "bug book" to get to know the names of the colourful insects. 

The weather forecast says that this will be a warm weekend - maybe even some rain and thunder ... Let's see!

Wishing you a great weekend 
Happy 4th of July to all the friends 
on the other side of the Atlantic!


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  1. Great find! If he's colorful...he must be poisonous to something!

  2. I have been listening to Rachel Portman's music as I browsed through your posts Nina and loving to discover all sorts of things I just might have missed before!
    All the best for a nice sunny weekend,

  3. That is a sweet insect capture. Have a great weekend, Nina!

  4. Do you ever wonder if bugs cross breed? Sometimes when I look at a bug, it resembles one type with arts of another mixed in. This one reminds me of a stink bug and a beetle mixed together....:)JP

  5. Cute flower. Almost reminds me of Queen Anne's Lace. And the little bug reminds me of a fire fly.
    Here on the mid-east coast of the US it was gorgeous -sunny, warm, low humidity and windy due to the hurricane passing offshore. Perfect day for 4th Festivities as opposed to oppressively hot and humid which we had two days ago. Didn't know whether to walk or swim to the mailbox!

  6. And a handsome bug it is I love the fact that you can bike to the train. Thanks for the note of Happy 4th, we had a powerful first lighting storm here in the desert of the Southwest Arizona and they couldn't do our annual fireworks display. Didn't get much rain only a few sprinkles but the sky put on her special fireworks display herself.

  7. Have a great weekend also Ninia! :-)

  8. Have a great weekend also Nina! I love cycling, even a short ride can make me happy for long time. :-)))

  9. I always seem to take the bugs for granted, but when I take a photo and look later, it is nice to see one saying hello! With the Tour de France taking place in Yorkshire at the moment, it is quite appropriate to hear that you are cycling too!! Have a fantastic weekend xx

  10. This is lovely, my friend! And I like how there is faint writing in the photo, it's beautiful!

    Hugs to you!

  11. Great find and beautifully captured, Nina !
    We had a lot of rain and thunder this afternoon ...
    Have a wonderful week,

  12. Lovely lacy flower to photograph, Nina. I've been biking, too - and my husband is recording the Tour de France.


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