Sunday, 29 June 2014

Enchange Your Mobile Photos with Photo Veils {Photo Recipe}

The warm summer days have arrived ... The familiar landscape is dressed in green shades. The weather has been unstable this week, changing from sunshine to rain and thunder, even hail - I have enjoyed photographing the marvellous and massive clouds, that are being formed above the open landscape.

I'm so excited to share with you great news: 6 lovely photo veils and 6 textures from Love That Shot are now available as a mobile collection. Each veil and texture is available in 3 formats: Horizontal, vertical and square. 

I carry my iPhone with me and use it as a camera, capturing moments and scenes along my way. Having the photo veils directly on my iPhone makes it both easy and fun to add and share the pictures directly from my iPhone. 

I have added two photo veils to the image above, using  the Image Blender-App. The image Blender-App is an application that enables you to do merge two or more photos together. 

You can add layers on your photo and use 18 different blending modes - soft light blending mode included - my favorite blending mode when using texture layers and photo veils. Image Blender-App has also a mask function, whereby you can brush some parts of the texture / veil from your image. 

Photo recipe:
  • I started with adding the Honey Wheat mobile veil with the Image Blender app, using blending mode soft ligt with 59% opacity.
  • Therafter I added  the Chamomille mobile veil. I masked the veil, brushing the veil-layer away from the clouds, to sustain the pure, white tones in the clouds. Thereafter I changed the blending mode to multiply, with 50 % opacity.
Photo veils add a natural depth and vignette in your photos. Having them available on mobile devices makes it so easy to use them on the daily photos - editing and sharing directly from your mobile phone or tablet!

It's nice to make delicate enchangements to the summer photos on the go with the Mobile Veils & Textures - Thanks so much Misty and Michelle, the founders of Love That Shot, for making the Mobile Collection!

Until next time, 

PS: Have you checked my tips for Capturing the Holidays and Making the Memories Last in my latest article on Love That Shot-blog?


  1. Nina, I can only look and be amazed at your knowledge of cameras and photography skills!...:)JP

  2. Really beautiful, Nina! :)
    I wish I had an iPhone now.
    Have a lovely summertime!

  3. Beautiful. I didn't know that iPhones could take such lovely pictures.

  4. Nina, any way you look at it, that is one beautiful shot. Oh how I love wide open spaces like that field, or the ocean. Feels like I can b-r-e-a-t-h-e.

  5. Pity, my smartphone has well... not a very good camera. :(


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