Friday, 12 October 2012

Fall Break

The sun was shining brightly over the whole country today as the children and young people were exercising outdoors: The schools in Denmark spent the Friday before the Autumn Break doing all sorts of sports. The children carry packed lunches and drinks in small backpacks, and everybody is walking, jogging or running in small groups.

This day reminds me of the school skiing days from my childhood. The whole school was spending one day skiing each February. Everyone was wearing a small backpack with drink and snacks. During the day we could go to the school kitchen and get a bowl of peasoup and warm blackcurrant juice.
The memories from the skiing days from my childhood consists of the relative hign downhil loop in the end of the 5 km route, as well as a long upward slope in the middle of the 3 km route - The frosty pinetrees, the sun rays reflecting on the snowy fields, and heavy snowflakes falling on my clothes, making them a little heavy and wet. in the end of the day everyone got a skiing diplome ... I wonder if I could find my old diplomas from out cellar?

We'll be spending the autumn break at home - doing the things we feel like doing. No big plans - just taking it one day at a time. We've talked a bit of bowling etc. Im looking forward to have slow mornings ... and "just being".

I've been knitting a shawl from thick alpaca and merino wool yarn, I only need to do the fringes. My old shawl, that I knitted some years ago, is worn out and no longer puffy  - I'm wondering if i could find a way to reuse it?

Friday is a Cola day (Cola is my little vice from the time I was studying at the Bible Collage in Belgium).
Soon I'll be popping some popcorn in the kitchen. I'll dash a pinch of salt to the oil before putting the popcorn in. When the popcorn is ready, I'll season it with paprika powder ... that tastes  good and spicy!

I've been happy about these ceramic cups - they are my "good moments cups." Good moment cups in the sense that they're kind of symbolizing a hope for me - any moment will be a bit better when combined with a perspective of hope :-)  I found these ceramic cups form the Arts and Crafts Market in august.

With these thoughts (of Cola, popcorn and memories from the skiing days of my childhood:)
I'm wishing you a restful weekend!


  1. The cups are beautiful Nina :) Have a lovely weekend :)

  2. You are so lucky that you know how to knit. I am sure your shawl will be beautiful. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

    1. Hi Dawn, Yes I know I' m lucky, thanks to my mom who taught me to knit - It is relaxing to knit in the evenings :)
      The shawl is almost ready ...

  3. Nice fall color. Ceramic cup is so beautiful.

  4. Oh what a wonderful post ~It all sounds so inviting and comforting ~ Wished we lived nearer ~ would love to share some delish popcorn ~ Happy Week to you ~ ^_^ ~ (A Creative Harbor) Thanks for coming by and commenting ^_^

    1. Thank you Carol! Popcorn is indeed for sharing & cozy moments :)

  5. Härliga höstmysbilder!


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