Saturday, 14 February 2015

Heather Flovery Valentine's Day

Thank you French Kiss Collections for this pretty photo mask

My mom has heather flowers outside her porch - they look so pretty when covered with snow. As you may have guessed, we have spent our winter break visiting my mom in Finland - The week flew by so fast, I'm grateful for each moment! 

The Great Outdoors with slalom and cross-country skiing, playing in the snow, walking ... Breathing the crispy air, watching the squirrels play and enjoying being in the Winter Wonderland.

Our boys fancy the thin, small rye pies, that are salty and filled with rice, a Finnish speciality caller Karjalanpiirakka. Mom baked a whole bunch of them, and we got some of them home with us ... So delicious! We spent a lot of time in the kitchen together - cooking, baking, having tea and coffee - Enjoying the dishes we rarely get home in Denmark.

Saying farewell is not easy - It takes a few days to adjust ... phone calls, Skype and text messages are great ways of keeping contact. Yet I feel a bit like I've left "my soul" behind: I'm waiting for it to arrive from the woods of Finland back to me ... Feeling a bit lost here in the city. 

Travelling with aeroplane makes everything go so fast - Had we driven by car and ferry all the way, we had gotten an opportunity to be "on the way" a bit longer, thereby adjusting to the change from the quiet life in the countryside back to the city. 

Well, it is Valentine's Day, or as the Finnish tradition goes: The Day of Friendship - A day to cherish one's friends and loved one's ... Some snail mails have been written, some e-mails and texts are yet to be send - and already in the morning, some lovely greetings were waiting for me ...

So life goes on ... A part of loving is to feel longing, as well as a part of living abroad is to meet the family a bit seldom.

Well, my kitchen is calling ... Wondering if I should bake a banana bread or chocolate muffins? :)

...Wishing you a lovely Day of Friendship / Valentine's Day,


PS. Thank you for all the delightful notes on my two former posts - Lovely surprises that made me really happy! 

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  1. I too, treasure time with my family in the mountains. Love your first photo!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful visit with your family! Those times are always wonderful, saying goodbyes is so hard. Thankfully we have the addition of social medial and skype to make the distance seem less "far" away. Happy valentines day!

  3. Yup, its a great feel being with the family. Hope you had a wonderful time together.

  4. It's the right thing in this time, to spend Time with friends. ..... Today we was invited to a Birthday Party. That's so greatful ☺️
    Cheers, Heidrun

  5. I love your this day that has been set a side "Valentine's Day" or for you "A Day of Friendship." Love what they both stand for. What a nice way to do extra thoughtful things to those who are dear to you.. Happy Valentine's Day from me your blogging friend!
    Great photo shots..

  6. I really love the term, "A Day of Friendship". A lovely way to think of this day. Sounds like a wonderful visit with your mother. My parents live many hours away, and a visit is always enjoyable, but saying goodbye is always so hard.

  7. I much prefer the term A Day of Friendship rather than Valentines Day. Everyone has a friend and not everyone a partner. My parents used to live far from me but have now moved closer so the goodbyes are thankfully brief. xx

  8. Delightful post and wonderful photos ....
    diane @ thoughts & shots


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