Saturday, 18 March 2017

Coffee and Spring Flowers

It's Saturday, and the sun is peeking behind the clouds ...
Another week has gone by - one day after another:

Seizing the moments - being present at work ... From 'Good Morning' til 'See you tomorrow!'

Feeling the wind and the air and the fresh scents of the spring on my way home.

Since January I have skipped, after the work, these obligatory "I should's" - and have given space to "Right now I feel like's" ... That is, resting [procrastinating] with a good conscience. We'll eat dinner together and share chores alright, but anything besides that would be a lot. The need of not "doing" anything else, not having things in schedule after 5 pm., is worth taking notice of. 

At the moment I enjoy listening e-books - from the library services like e-reolen, via the Audible -App, or the Kindle audible. The latest audible books have listened / am listening at the moment are: BrenĂ© Brown: The Gifts of ImperfectionAlli Worthington: Breaking BusyLisa Unger: Die for you and Tami Hoag: The Bitter Season (I need a good crime novel every now and then.) You Version - Bible app has also an audible version, together with many different daily devotions.

Spring flowers - daffodils, tulips and tiny hyacinths - bring about the feeling of spring inside. I look forward of finding the first pussy willows by the lake - that is a clear sign that we're getting close to Easter.

The other weekend I crafted a very simple pot decoration, with linen cloth and simple package thread. The green linen cloth is at least 14 years old - I did sew trousers and anoraks to our boys using this fabric, when they were toddlers ... And I haven't thrown it away - linen is just a wonderful fabric, and I do like the color.

Editing photos and playing with textures and stamps is also something I find inspiring and relaxing. The pretty Spring branch-stamp below is a March present from Leslie Nicole at French Kiss-textures - I receive their news letter, and there by get a lovely present each month.

I made the poster below this morning using texture overlays from both French Kiss and Kim Klassen - who both share from their experience and are of great inspiration to me.

Well, just a little update from my corner of the world. Our sons are setting things up for a LAN-game evening, and my hope for a date night with my hubby later today is high :)

How do you notice your need to unwind, and in what ways do you regain energy, social surplus and mental presence?

Life is available only in the present. 
That is why we should walk in such a way
 that every step can bring us to 
the here and the now.

Thich Nhat Hahn

... Wishing you a peaceful weekend,


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  1. Nina, your post spoke to me today, as I am a coffee lover, and I'm sipping on it this morning in my bunny cup. ; ) Your gold rimmed cup is so pretty with the blue flower, and your pot covering is delightful with the green linen cloth. It sure is looking like Spring around here with all the blossom trees coming out, but they don't last too long, so I must enjoy. Have a pleasant weekend, Nina.


    1. Thank you Sheri, I enjoy also drinking coffee from pretty cups every now and then ~ during the week it's a mug, where there's place for more coffee :)
      Enjoy the blossoming trees ... I look forward to having buds and flowers ... at the moment it's snowing here!
      Thank you for popping by and leaving the sweet note!

  2. Your post sounds like a peaceful Saturday. Sometimes, we just have to procrastinate for our well being or at least I do. :) Even in the years that I worked, there were times that I just had to take a few for me. I see you visit some of the same people that I have over the years. Brene Brown is an awesome lady to interact with. When first on the internet, I was in a writing group that she was co-owner of the website. The site has since closed, but I met many lovely people there. I also get the Newsletter from French Kiss and have for a few years now as well as Kim Klassen's many tutorials that got me started with Adobe. It is so interesting to see how we meet other bloggers who are or have interacted with others that we've met.
    Your photos are lovely, and I like what you did with the stamp from French Kiss Textures.
    Have you met or interacted with Kristy at Life in Reflection ~ she is another that is very generous with her talents.

    1. Hi PeaBea!
      How wonderful it must have been to be in the writing group with Brene Brown! She mentioned the group in the book ~ You must have gotten so much from the fellowship! Her other books must be very good and reflective as well ... I will check other Kindle/editions from her.
      And thank you for mentioning Kristy's website ~ I'll pop over and visit her ... Lovely to have learned to know kindred spirits like you, to be inspired and share,
      Love& hugs to you!

  3. Life is too short not to stray from the 'normal' once in a while :) Love your photo.

    1. It surely is, Betty ... We need to seize life every now and then - celebrate one another, breathe and just be :)

  4. Your blog is so lovely and inspiring Nina!
    Congratulations - you are our Featured Blogger and Friend of the Week at Friendship Friday at Create With Joy! :-)

    1. Thank you so much ... I'm honored and so happy to be chosen as the Friend of the Week and Featured Blogger!
      I'm grateful for the creative and friendly fellowship you've established at Create With Joy - I always find Inspiration and empowerment when visiting!

  5. Your blog is lovely and this post is inspirational! Visiting from Create with Joy. Congratulations on being the featured blogger!

    1. Thanks so much Pam! I popped by your pretty blog and left a little note :)

  6. That is beautiful.
    Found your blog from Create With Joy's Friendship Friday post.
    My grandfather was from Odense and I hope to visit your lovely county one day :)

    - Lisa

    1. Thanks so much for popping by, Lisa!
      Odense is a pretty place, by the sea ... I hope you get to travel there some day.
      Your jewelry is very beautiful, I liked your brown glass pendant a lot!

  7. Coffee (or tea) and Spring flowers just perfect.
    Lovely to take time to relax ...

    All the best Jan


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