Saturday, 23 February 2013

Saturday with spools and needles

It's Saturday ...
I woke up early and enjoyed my tea in solitude, while the rest of the family was still sleeping.

To cherish the boys and a sleepover guest, I'll soon make some pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast ... One thing I like about weekends is having the time to dwell in tea and breakfast in the mornings.

Later in the afternoon I've planned to repair some clothes - to iron and sew a few patches on trousers, neaten an edge of a sleeve or two, and fix my favourite totebag.

These things have been piling up since Christmas. Once you have the sewing-machine on the table, the repairing work itself doesn't take long ... from that point on there's always flow.

But how to get there?  ... You know the feeling when you've got this thing, you should do, but you keep on putting it aside, saying to yourself that "I'll do it tomorrow" - wondering therafter when that tomorrow eventually will come?

Well, in the case of the patches for the trousers, the tomorrow has finally arrived.
And for the tote bag as well.

I got this bag from a friend of mine - she's very talented and creative,
so she sewed the tote for my birthday a few years ago.

I like the patterns and the lace borders in this bag a lot,
so I plan to sew new traps to it, using a blend of a cotton-linen-fabric.

I've repurposed these cute chocolate boxes to sewing kits
 - there's plenty of place to sewing rolls and needles in them!
Enjoy your weekend ...
... and a warm welcome  
 to new followers Marty, Gilina and EG Camera Girl!

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  1. What a lovely tote bag...and yes, I completely relate to putting things off again and again. Doing things that require needle and thread is definitely one of them! lol :)

  2. I certainly am guilty of putting things off that I don't really want to do until I can't wait any longer.....

    I love the red candy boxes that you made into sewing tins; what a great idea....They would certainly make it easier to get to those projects that have been neglected.....

  3. I love that tote bag! The tins re-purposed into sewing kits are just darling. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I can sure relate to putting things off, in fact, I am doing it right this minute. Glad you had that little quiet time before your day began!

  5. putting things off - I do a bit of that too... Great ideas to reuse those tins.. Have a super tomorrows - wink!


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