Thursday, 27 March 2014

Tea Cup Exchange

Stephanie from The Enchanting Rose hosts a Tea Cup Exchange-party. The party is about having you send a tea cup to someone - and receiving one in return from someone else.
Drinking tea is something that brings people together ... And so does Stephenie's The Cup Exchanging Party! There is always space for another tea cup in the cupboard, ain't there?
:  :  :
My Tea Cup Exchange-friend, whom I have a tea cup, is Lady Linda. As I visited Linda's beautiful blog, I was thinking of what kind of a tea cup she would like. I found something Fair Trade and handcrafted to Linda... Actually a cup similar to the cup, I received from a dear friend, who introduced the African Touch- Fair Trade boutique to me. I did send along some of my favorite White Temple Tea.
The African Touch / Perch Tea Room
And what did I receive from Sarah, the author and designer in Blessings Art Ideas  ... See the photo above! As her big package arrived, I felt almost like it was my birthday with the many pretty wrapped gifts!
I unpacked a lovely white tea cup and a saucer, with beautiful light lilac - grey floral texture, together with Green tean with lemon. Moreover, Sarah had crafted two beautiful cards and she send me also a hairclip ... Such a lovely surprise!
Thank you Stephanie for arranging the Tea Cup Exchange-party - thank you Sarah for these wonderful gifts!
My evening tea tastes delicious as I drink it from this pretty tea set, and Sarah's cards encourage me each morning!

Visit Stephanie's blog to take a look at the different tea cups
that has been exchanged!


  1. Dear Nina,
    It's a pleasure to meet you through Stephanie's Tea cup exchange :). I'm so happy that you are pleased with my little gifts :). Hope you enjoy them and it was a pleasure sending you them. Your photography portrays my little gifts in a very beautiful way! So happy to have become friends! Happy to follow your blog as well :)

  2. Hi Nina! I am in awe of your pretty items from Sarah! Isn't she incredibly talented with her cards? I love seeing what she makes. Your tea cup is simply lovely and delicate and I can imagine the tea is wonderful out of it.

    It was a pleasure having you join the exchange. Blessings and hugs to you!

  3. How dainty and sweet...your joining the exchange, Nina!...:)JP

  4. A lovely exchange - such pretty gifts! A cup of tea sounds good right now...Enjoy your weekend, Nina! xo Karen

  5. Hi Nina! I love the package you got! Those little extras really make it fun, doesn't it? And you are so thoughtful to check out your partners blog first before buying a cup for her. So like you to be so enthusiastic.
    I took part in the exchange too this time. My first! It was fun to meet new bloggers, and get a fun box in the mail.

  6. Lovely cup and gifts! This was my first teacup exchange and it was so fun getting to connect with so many new friends.


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