Saturday, 15 March 2014

Finds in the Forest {Phone Snapshots}

  • Last weekend was warm and sunny - we took a long walk in the forest...
  • ... It was wonderful to see the awakening of trees and listening to the birdsong.

  • Pussy Willows remind me of the Easters of my childhood - we used to decorate them with colorful paper and feathers.
  • The sun is low at the horizon at 5 pm. On my way home I have stopped the car, taken a few pictures, breathed the fresh air and just enjoyed the sun.

  • The flowers are thriving in the sun ... The light reveals pretty details and beautiful textures in the petals.
 Sunny greetings,
PS: Pictures are taken with iPhone. I have added textures Present from Kim Klassen and Avignon from  the Olde World Collection by Love That Shot . The vintage frames are from Pixelberrypie.


  1. I enjoyed this unhurried forrest walk through your eyes and what a great finds!

    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  2. Signs of spring... so lovely! Praying for more signs here. :)

  3. Unhurried, what a wonderful word! I would love to have more time for such walks. I enjoyed yours with your photos, thanks.

  4. such wonderful light and always so amazing what the phone can capture as well as the photographer.

  5. Such beautiful images, Nina! I like the vintage frames you used.
    The warm sun is wonderful & appears to be making Spring glow. How wonderful to see green buds. Pussy willows were always fun at Easter time for me as a child, too. We decorated them with pastel chalks. Wonderful memories!

  6. Looking forward to some flowers to emerge. Enjoyed your photo journey, and ah, yes, the pussy willows of youth. So fun. We spray painted them and the thistles. I miss the fun of youth, but do enjoy it through the eyes of the grandbabies. :)


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