Tuesday, 11 March 2014


After the glow of the noonday sun,
After the day its course has run,
After the glare and bustle and heat,
There comes a peace that is calm and sweet.

The fiery sun sinks low to rest,
Mid flaming clouds, far in the west:
Then softly, gently, stealing slow,
Comes on the golden after glow

               :  :  :

The sunrays enlightened the tulips today,
like they were glowing from inside out ...

I took a close up picture with the external Olloclip-lens with my iPhone.
Adding 3 layers of the photo on top of one another with the Blender App, I acheived the feeling of continuity and depth. I wanted to add a detail in the middle, with another photo layer in the Blender App - that detal was to be the pure, first leaves of spring.

Thereafter I added in PS Kim Klassen's new texture Present, together with Serenpidity & Sunshine from  Photo Veil Collections from Love That Shot, and Kim's Music and Script brush.

                     :   :   :

Farewell to tiresome toil and care.
All nature kneels in silent prayer,
While the soft rays dimmer, dimmer grow
In the mellow, roseate, afterglow.

Gertrude Crumb Harman

                         ... With peaceful greetings, 

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  1. Just one word BREATHTAKING!

  2. Very pretty and creative. I was just reading about Blender today. Are you pleased with your Olloclip lens?

  3. Nina, what a beautiful photo...well worth it!...:)JP

  4. great composition! lovely colors!

  5. Beautiful words & photo art, Nina! So vibrant, yet calm. Perfect for the mood of Spring!

  6. Oh Nina...this is simply beautifully breathtaking!

  7. Beautiful! I love how you processed this image.

  8. The photo reminds me of an awakening - so many shdes of orange!

  9. Hi Nina, So very beautiful! I can get lost in macro images, they amaze me. Flowers I usually walk right past without taking a good look, become works of art with details I never knew existed. Your processing is wonderful.

  10. Please forgive me for checking in so late. I was out of town without access. I love this photo and the way you processed it. Very dreamy feel! Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. Gorgeous pictures and wonderful words Nina!
    You master iphone-photography like no other!!! :) stunning.
    Thanks so much for sharing with Floral Love.

  12. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your kind comment under my latest post about the 'almond bloom', Nina.
    Obviously you are a fan of picture editing by textures. That's something that is still 'strange' to me. But I'm working on this... ;-)
    Enjoy a hopefully great weekend,

  13. so pretty nina, love the color and the printing.

  14. Very creatve, both photo and prose

  15. Lovely, creative work.


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