Monday, 24 March 2014

A Lilac Surprise

Photo:Nikon D3200, Textures Simply & Rest_Magic by Kim Klassen

A colleague came to my office today holding these lilac flowers in her hand. She came to me, gave me the flowers and a hug, and said that it's been such a pleasure to work together!
I was really moved, and very happy ...
We have been colleagues the last 4½ years, and since last summer we have been working together on this project, that is about to end next week.

Such a sweet gesture ... She is a pearl, and I have surely enjoyed having her as my companion ... I want to give her something special as well, that would remind her of the moments spend together, creating and implementing the project.

The project has been a 6 week intervention with the 5th grades at the school, about "training the attention muscles", learning to relax, and thereby get in touch with one self - How am I doing / feeling at the moment.

We have started with small, concrete ecxercises, focusing one's perception and attention to the body - relaxing and tightening muscles, focusing on breathing ... and bit by bit, towards being a bit more abstract ... to the feelings - How am I doing at the moment?
Learning to accept one self is a step towards being able to accept the other  person.

That brings us to our second focus point: The class fellowship - being attentive towards others, developing empathy.
How your class mate is doing today ... How is the atmosphere in our class today ... What can I do to bring about a positive change?

We've done different ecxercises together ... It's been a pleasure to work together with the students and the teachers. Our goal has been from the very beginning, that teachers will gradually take over, and that is taking place.

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Photo: iPhone, Polamatic, Snapseed,
Textures Simple & Present Kim Klassen

I'm admiring the lilac flowers on the table, and thinking about how I could surprise my colleague ... Receiving something delightful unexpectedly is such a joy!
Wishing you both sunshine and rainy days clouds with silver lining...

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  1. Nina, what you've shared and learned in your six weeks is invaluable!...:)JP

  2. Sounds like a great project for students. I've always enjoyed helping out at the schools whenever I could with my kids and some with the grandkids. I just loved seeing all the wonderful, innocent children so excited about life while they learn.

    The lilac was a wonderful gift from your co worker, and a great choice for a gift...something you will have for a while to cherish.


  3. Dear Nina, your photos are always so breathtaking! Thank you for sharing, sweet friend. love and hugs!

  4. Gorgeous images and I loved reading your words too. Sounds like an amazing project. :)

  5. I adore your photo of the lilacs, made all the more special by your story. As the mother of two grown sons, I am deeply appreciative of the efforts of fine educators like you who truly seek the best for children. Your project approaches the whole child, and I can see that your colleague has made your day - as you have made mine!

  6. What beautiful little flowers! Congratulations on completing such an important project.

  7. A very sweet gift from your colleague, Nina! Your project sounds wonderful - so many children miss out on a positive experience in school due to inattentiveness and not being self-aware, or empathetic to others. Thank you and your colleague on behalf of all parents for being so caring. xo Karen

  8. Sounds like a wonderful project and what a nice surprise from your coworker.

  9. I so love your edit! The tones are perfect, reminds me of my grandmother's garden. I doubt very much anyone is teaching our kids that in school here. What an awesome thing for those 5th graders.

  10. Beautiful images! Your project sounds so interesting - it should be in all schools!

  11. Dearest Nina,Greetings from Oregon! I do thank you for sending me the most delightful tea box! I will be doing a post and linking up with sweet Stephanie tomorrow, so will keep my thanks yous for my blog post. I am sorry I didn't let you know your package arrived!
    I enjoyed reading about the school program and your focus on the postitve. I taught 1st and 2nd grade so many many years ago. My daughter teaches in a jr college and my other daughter works at a Montessori school ( she is on maternity leave now), so we appreciate teachers and teaching very much.
    I'm a follower now!
    Much love,

  12. oh my goodness Nina... this is just so lovely..... your project brings tears of happiness to my eyes... what a beautiful thing to do....

    so happy to be here... and read your posting.... thank you for sharing.

  13. So beautiful picture and lovely flowers.. :)


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