Saturday, 23 May 2015

A Good Morning & A Free Printable

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It has been a very good morning today, since

  • Our younger son has had a great week with his school at the Island of Bornholm, he has returned home with the rucksack willed with new experiences in the beautiful nature, together with his classmates
  • I enjoyed my morning tea accompanied by piano melodies composed by our older son 
  • Having gone through my wardrobe this morning, I have a bag filled with clothes, I haven't used for a while - so I will pop over by my friend later today to see, if she or her daughter would like some of it, before donating it to the flee market (It's lovely to swop something with / to a friend or the other way around, ain't it :)
  • Sunlight is warm and bright today!
  • It is Saturday - a day to swim some lanes - that will be good to my neck and shoulders, that are a bit worn due a whole lot of writing lately

Here's a link to a printable

I took the photo above this Monday and edited it with Stackables, Afterlight, Phonto and VSCOcam apps.
This plant is crawling up towards light along the concrete wall - It encouraged me and I thought the quote fitted so well ... Let's keep our eyes on the things we believe and find important - as long as there is hope, there is a way.

... Sunshine to your weekend,



  1. Ah, Nina. You are a gem in this old world of ours.
    :) m & jb

  2. And to you too! Glad you are doing well, with exception of your shoulders!

  3. Lovely print. I have tried harder to let go of things that I haven't worn in a year - a swap sounds fun.

  4. I love this printable. What a gorgeous photo! And the words fit it perfectly. I also love this: "Sunshine to your weekend." What a sweet wish for your readers. Thank you!

    Happy Sharefest! I hope you have a fabulous weekend, also filled with sunshine!

  5. Thanks you for this lovely print, wish you a happy long weekend with lots of sunshine !

  6. Lovely words Nina, they fit your exquisite image perfectly. :)


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