Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Creative License Friday

The original photo

Creative License Friday is a new photo challenge by SHE WHO CARRIES A CAMERA ... The meme is all about being creative - finding your own look by processing the image, that is provided - You can still play along, the link is open until Thrusday evening.

My processing

I've learned to use Pixrl Express lately so I've processed the image there - I tried to note down, how I proceeded:

Pixrl Express

1. Adjustment: Saturation 81 %
2. Adjustement:  Colors spalsh (removes the color) - I brushed the colors back to the bird
3. Effects: Unicolor: Amy 30 %
                  Unicolor James 32%
4. Effects: Vintage Carl 66 %
5. Effects: Default Sophia 63%

Pixrl Advanced
I added Marek Davis' Texture Mexture YoLoLoMO - Screen Mode {Follow the link to download a free texture-set from Marek Davis}

Such a nice challenge! I love seeing the different editions of the original photo.

Thank you,She Who Carries a Camera,for this photo promt
- I look forward of the this weeks Creative Lisence Friday already!


  1. Hello Nina! I really like the softness yet scratchy look your processing gave the original image! I've never used Pixrl Express, in fact, I haven't heard of it, so I will go check it out now! I just received the this coming Friday's image from another photographer and it will be a great challenge for everyone! I'm looking forward to it! Thanks for playing along and helping make CLF a success!

    1. I just visited the's great! thanks for the head's up!

  2. Great edit, Nina! I love that scratchy look and sweet quote. :)

    1. Thanks Gail! The scratchy look-textures are something I've just learned to use :)

  3. Great photo and I love the editing. Cute bird to boot! :0)

  4. I like the soft subtle processing you gave this shot and the quote fits it appropriately.

  5. Lovely edit and dito quote!

  6. Sweet bird you captured and shot it so well - love your quote and I like how that texture gave the image a whole different look..

  7. This sounds like a really good creative exercise.
    I really like what did you do with a photo. Now it has this warmth in it.


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