Tuesday, 11 June 2013

World Wide Knit in Public Day in Vanløse, Copenhagen

The highlight of my Saturday was a creative World Wide Knit in Public- arrangement  in Vanløse Culture Center in Copenhagen. We were a bunch of ladies who came together to knit in the afternoon (where are all the men who knit - I know there are some talents out there?!).

Christina, a lovely lady, is running a project "Warmth to Homeless". Warmth to Homeless is about helping our fellowmen and -women, who due to different circumstances are homeless, trafficed or in the prostitution at the moment. Christina has gathered a group of knitting enthusiasts, who meet together to knit  socks, hats, mittens, neck warmers, wrist warmers to our fellowmen and -women in need. 

Christine has made a Facebook Group Varm en Hjemløs (Warmth to Homeless). An easy way to support her cause is to "like" her Facebook Group and thereby help spreading the message.

Many of us are knitting a lot at home as well. When meeting together, Christine is colleting all the knitted items together, whereafter she will be handing them over e.g. to Reden International, a non governmental organization working with trafficed women in Copenhagen.

Our World Wide Knit in Public - Warmth to Homeless - afternoon in Vanløse was not only  about knitting in good fellowship, but also enjoying live music by Julie Michelsen, whose beautiful voice and guitar made our afternoon festive!

Julie's music and songs are poetic in a smooth, playful and serene way. Her thoughtful lyrics makes you wander across time and space - ruminating about life, living and love in a serene way.

It is cozy to knit and chat together, enjoy a cuppa and listen to Julie's soft voice and her quitar play!

Linda's knitwork above is going to be a pair of wrist warmers - soft wool with decorative flowers and leaves.

I admire her talent - amongst other gorgeous things, she has knitted a sweet pair of flower earrings.

January by Julie Michelsen

Julie Michelsen's January is a peaceful and dreamy melody. I'm fond of her music video, where you can see and hear a bit from her cute toddler. You'll also get a glimpse of the grey and wet January weather in Denmark ... That's maybe one reason why the Danish hygge (coziness) - a get together with candles, something good to eat and drink, is an important part of the survival kit during the wet and windy  wintertime.

I am knitting a green mufler - already halfway through :-)

Thank you Christine for arranging
the World Wide Knitting Day in Vanløse,
 together with Linda and Julia Micheelsen -
You ladies are getting people engaged into an important work,
that is making a difference!
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  1. Nina, I just asked a friend at Tai Chi if I could sit with her to refresh me on knitting which I haven't done in years! This looks like such fun!!!...:)JP

    1. I hope you two have some good time together knitting - there is something relaxing about it :-)

  2. A wonderful idea. A great way to come together using your skills for a worthy cause. A "feel good" project from start to finish, nicely captured in your photos.

    1. Thank you Karen, It is a good way of getting fellowship and doing something meaningful at the same time - so great that there are people who start Things like this.

  3. This looks like such a wonderful day. I love the candle and the photos.
    I could listen to that soft guitar all day.. and that laughter!
    How good that there are things like music & chidrens laughter to warm our souls.. and hands to create and offer warmth those in need.

    1. Her voice is lovely, and so is her daughters as well ... I'm fond of the video as well!

  4. A wonderful cause. And, it looks like a lovely gathering.

    1. It was, Micelle - I met a bunch of great people, looking ofrward to the NeXT gathering.

  5. What a fantastic cause! Sounds like you also had a wonderful time.

    1. I enjoyed it a lot, Debbie ... the music, some new aqcuintances and just knitting together :)

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you Kim! I tried to leave a note on your blog - you're decorated an inviting and very pleasant home-schooling room! I really like the details like the globe, the Little horse, the yellow chair ... a place for creativity and inspiration!

  7. Replies
    1. Thank you Tina, I enjoyed the afternoon :)

  8. Replies
    1. It was - a big thanks to Christine and Julie for arranging it!


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