Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Flags in the Wind {Editing process- tutorial}

Astound me with love
A part of nature in me
Being my strong wind
Be My Strong Wind by Patrice Brown

 :   :   :
These flags in the wind caught my eyes the other day,
as I walked to this kindergarten  that belongs to my district at work.
The sunlight  and the wind changed these flags to a vivid, living mosaic,
as the leaves in the trees were casting shadows on them.
I grabbed my iPhone and took a snapshot ...
:  :  :

I admire the beautifully edited photos on the blogs I regularly visit, being curious about the textures used to enchange the pictures.
Inspired by this curiosity of mine I decided to share here my proces of editing the flags in the wind-photo.

My editing process:
  • I started with cropping the photo, removing the roof from the lower right corner, yet maintainin the square form of the photo.
  • I adjusted the light, contrast, higlight and shadows in PicMonkey (a free photo editing program), and added the textures of Kim Klassen and French Kiss Textures with the same program. Using Multiple Blend Mode, and fading the visibility of the textures down 80-90 %, adding just a soft touch of the textures.
  • I brushed the textures from the flags with a brush strenght 80 %, making the flags stand out, yet with a slight feeling of the textures.
  • Thereafter I added the brush from FrenchKiss using the Overlay-function in PicMonkey. I changed the color of the script to a soft Bbown color, and made it less visible with the fade function.
  • In the end I added just an inch of soft light using Pixrl Express, by choosing Jessica from the Soft Effect (just about 5 % to give the photo a warm glow).

:   :   :
We're having Fall Break this week -
I'm enjoying these cozy days with the family,
walks in the nature, and just being ...
Sunshine to your week,

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  1. So pretty, love the colours and tones. And thank you for sharing your process.

  2. Very interesting. As I don't have Photoshop I thought I couldn't add textures. I often use PicMonkey but haven't tried Multiple Blend mode. Looks like I'll have to explore PicMonkey some more.....

  3. Så fint du har bildbehandlat den här! En härlig, positiv bild!

  4. Wonderful change in the color and tones! This is a happy picture!

  5. When my kids were in school, I used to adore when they would have breaks, to give us time together....enjoy it goes by way too quick!

  6. You did a beautiful job on the processing of this shot and thanks for giving us your steps.....

    Have a wonderful week and may it be filled with peace and fun....

  7. Lovely editing, your textures really enhanced this beautiful image!!

  8. Delightful capture and thanks for sharing your editing process. Have a wonderful Fall break!

  9. Hi Nina! I loved the photo, and the Patrice Brown quote. Fall just inspires, doesn't it?

    Have a wonderful Tuesday :)

  10. Thank you, dear Nina, for sharing your helpful tips :) Your photos always look amazing!

    Hugs and blessings!

  11. Love these flags, like pennants, cheering on Autumn in the breeze!
    Picmonkey is so much fun, I'm thankful to have this free source for the editing I cannot do in my own programs.

  12. Oops, try #2: I love your image - it's so lovely, as is the quote! I also enjoyed reading about your editing process - thank you for sharing. :)

  13. A lovely quote to go with your beautiful image. :)
    Have a happy Fall Break, Nina.

  14. The texture edit gives just the right feel and tones to your photo. Thanks for sharing your process. I haven't tried picmonkey but you inspire me to check it out!

  15. Gorgeous edit! This is a beautiful piece of art.

  16. Thanks for the tutorial Nina -- your final image turned out very nicely. :)

  17. What a beautiful photo - and thank you for sharing the editing process. I like the end result, it is such a lovely image with these warm hues.

  18. thanks for sharing! Extremely helpful!


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