Friday, 18 October 2013

Fall Break {iPhone snapshots}


Our younger son got a new bike recently, so we've been biking quite a bit this week. I took this snapshot while I was biking with a very slow speed - in order to capture some motion to the picture. My tempo was though  slower compared to the younger generation - maybe also because I enjoyed watching the colors in the forest as much as I enjoyed biking :)

This lovely dog is just so sweet and playful - that is, when he is not keeping an eye on the ducks!  I'm so happy everytime I get to go for a walk with my friend and her dog Anton!

The lake is peaceful, and we have a certain bench with a view, where we like to enjoy our "coffee to go" - Thermos mugs are such a handy invention!

I've enjoyed my tea in the morning accompanied by a good book, while the boys and my husband have slept in ...

... and it's Friday already! This fall break has gone fast - at the same time it's been great to relax without any big plans.

There's been time for baking and experimenting in the kitchen : I tried making granola with almonds and cranberries, which turned out to be delicious!

Happy weekend to you,


  1. I love the bike shot, really cool! I'm trying to get back into my personal blog, so I thought I would stop by!! Happy Weekend!

  2. Great shots. Love the dog tail and the mug and the book oh well I guess I love them all. Biking as a family is wonderful. Granola with cranberries and almonds sounds delicious. Enjoy relaxing. B

  3. What a beautiful post! That looks just like my dog...except yours is sitting so nicely instead of dragging you into the pond chasing the ducks. Happy Friday! Aloha

  4. wow, that 1st shot - messes with your eyes. glad to hear you get a few moments to rest & relax while the every one else sleeps. i know that is probably really nice & quiet. ( :

  5. Nina, Your photos and words draw me into your daily life. I'd love to share a cup of tea with you - or a thermos of coffee! I've started taking and using more phone pics for the blog. It's so handy, and the quality of the phone camera has really improved. Love the motion shot!

  6. Love your fall motion shot.
    Sounds like a lovely place to sit and sip coffee and relax. The dog looks very happy watching the ducks.
    Your Homemade Granola sound yummy, care to share your recipe?

    1. Hi Ida,
      Thank you for your sweet words! I'd love to share the recipe, it is very easy and yet so delicious ... I'll write it on my blog next week :)
      Sunshine to your week,

  7. Hi there..thanks for stopping by my blog..I love your first photo..gorgeous!

  8. Very nice bike shot! Love the colors and sense of motion.

  9. Hi, I love your beauiful shot too. I love photography, writing, and photograpy. Joining you from the Random5Friday hop. ;)
    Mary-andering Creatively

    Mary-andering Among the Pages

  10. I am so glad you have had a wonderful week. It sounds like you got to do lots of things that make you happy.....Your shots are great and reflect a good time outside....

  11. Looks like you had a wonderful fall break...that granola sounds delish!! How fun that you walk with good friends and good dogs!!

  12. Awww, what sweet photos of the dog :)

  13. Every photo speaks warm cozy thought of fall to me!
    I must admit, the dog ones are probably my favorite. Wonderful photography, Nina!
    We are amidst a 4 day break from school.. much appreciated. Enjoy your weekend!

  14. Beautiful shots. Especially the first. Love the effect.

  15. Nina -- that first photo is amazing. Such color and motion. Love it!

    And your granola sounds wonderful. Must try!

  16. The motion shot is my favorite too! I'm still shooting stills, I have to learn how to take motion soon.

  17. I totally love that first shot!

  18. I especially love your tea and book shot!


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