Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Plan & Checklist

Every fall I usually craft a "Fitness Planner", where I write down all the training, swimming, walks and other exercise. The meaning of the Fitness Planner is to motivate me to do the 2-3 hours of exercises, my doctor and physical therapist recommends. Due to a whip-lash-damage in my neck, I should train a few times a week, besides the daily shoulder exercises & stretching.  Besides motivation, the Planner should also have an alarming effect. I know from experience that if the calendar is "empty"for a longer period of time (e.g. three weeks), my shoulders are going to be jammed.

This autumn I've had an ok start with training. We swim every weekend, and I've had a long walk at least once during the week. But somehow I've attended the other training - gym, group exercises such as zumba etc. only in the weekends. 

"Well planned is half done". What if I booked the training beforehand - like on Sunday evenings - then I wouldn't have to figure out during the week, where the training could fit in?!
The checklist of a friend of mine inspired me to combine a Fitness Planner and a Checklist.

I usually take vitamin D every fall and winter - that is, when I remember. Now that the D vitamin is written down in my Plan & Checklist, I'm not going to forget it - if I remember to see the Checklist ;-)

I have applied the background from Nicole's Classes Blog: You find creative and cheerful backgrounds, that can be can be downloaded for personal use. I made this Plan & Checklist with my computer, so it is easy to adjust & print.

It was fun & easy to make - and I hope, it works according to the purpose!

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