Friday, 28 September 2012

A Spiderweb Picture DIY

Spiderweb Picture I (SunRay group)

Spiderweb Picture II (SunRAY group)

I was visiting a kindergarten today. The last couple of weeks the kindergarten has been working with a Nature-theme, having different about activities earth /soil, water and air.
Lovely photo series decorated the walls of the corridor. There were pictures of the children mixing mud and water, and floating their self-made paper boats in the pond. A tiny frog had jumped into one of the boats, which had aroused great joy in children!
My attention was drawn to the black spiderweb pictures. The kindergarten leader told me how the SunRay-group had been on a Spiderweb-hunt the other day. These wonderful Spiderweb Pictures were made of the spiderwebs, children had captured! Spiders had crawled away, no lifes were taken - and we assume that the spiders had woven new webs as soon as the children had left.

You can make a Spiderweb Picture together with your child, niece or nephew!

You will need the following materials:

Black cardboard (A 4 size)
a half cup plain flour
lamination film
laminating machine


1. Go outdoors early in the morning or in a rainy weather - then the spiderwebs are visible due to the as tiny raindrops, that are attached to the web.
2. "Capture" spiderweb to the cardboard, by carefully touching the web, so that the spiderweb sticks to it.
3. Back at home / inside, sprinkle some plain flour on top of the cardboard - the wheat flour is going to attach to the spiderweb.
4. Pour carefully the extra wheat flour out, so that the flour attached to the spiderweb remains on the cardbord (at this point it is good that an adult is around to help!)
5. Laminate the board self.
... Such an interesting and fun activity!



Spiderweb Picture III (SunRay group)

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