Sunday, 23 September 2012

Farewell to Summer 1

Many of our special summer memories has to do with the Island of Møn.

Just after the Møn Bridge the road curves to the left.
The trees alongside the road are bending a bit to the left as well,
presumably because of the wind.

It was cloudy as I walked across the field yesterday -
soft raindrops were falling as the clouds covered the sky.

After rain the air was fresh and the sun lightened up the vanilla skies!

On my way back along the sea, the sun was about to set.
It is amazing how fast the form and the color of the skies change.

I saw a flock of geese flying above the sea, and heard a few seagulls from the distance.

The beach has also dressed to autumn - 
The yellow flowers have turned to orange.

The autumn must come, making way to the winter, so that the spring and the summer can come again.

I like autumn, and all the other seasons 
- it is just that sometimes saying farewell to a wonderful summer 
makes me a bit blue.

I'm thankful for all the moments we've had by this beach - the laughter,
the rays of the sun warming our faces, the waves carrying us ...

A song called Høstvise is one of my favourite autumn songs,
I learned to sing it at school.

The melody is beautiful - it is both melancholic and happy at the same time.

Ni Hao Yall


  1. Fall is here. It makes me happy and sad at the same time. I am ready for the fall stuff...just not the cold that seems to have already shown up.

    1. The mornings & evenings are also a bit chilly here - the bright colors are cheerfull, and lighten up the landscape :-)

  2. Beautiful pictures , summer is indeed leaving but bring on fall ! I love it :)

    1. Fall has definately arrived - the colored leaves are decorating the trees, and it's about the time to find the warm autumn-boots...

  3. Thank you for coming by my blog and for the well wishes for me children.

    Your photos here are breathtaking! Wow. Looks like somewhere I'd like to just be. BEAUTIFUL and so peaceful-looking.

    I have to admit to just asking my 14YO son "where is Scandanavia?" He informed rightly it is not just one country but a region. He would love to move to Denmark one day as he hopes to work for LEGO corporation. If he does, I hope to visit OFTEN!

    Blessings, Leslie

    1. Thank you Leslie, I like Denmark too! I come originally from Finland (north from Denmark), but I've been living here i Denmark for 17 years allready! The LEGO co. would surely be a dream-work for your son, it's situated in Gotland, which is very beautiful as well!
      Love & Blessnings, Nina

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Gina! I love crossing the bridge to Møn - the picture was a quick snap shoot from a moving car - I just had to try to capture the view.

  5. What views - thanks for sharing

  6. I love fall, but I don't want to think of the winter months that will follow. I loved your photos, the scenery was beautiful.

    1. I also prefer fall to winter - the colors of fall are bright, and the dark evening in the fall invite to do cozy things inside (knitting, reading etc.)
      It was a lovely walk by the sea, feeling the soft wind in my hair, taking pictures and watching the sun go down ;.)

  7. so pretty - thanks for linking up this week!


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