Sunday, 26 August 2012

This weekend ...

... I was delighted when I discovered 
my favorite home making magazine from Finland 
on the bottom of the mailbox!

... We were celebrating my nephew-in-law's 18th birthday.
When I first met him, he was a cute and smiling 6 months old baby.
Now he's become a tall and handsome young man.
It was nice to spend time together with our family, and enjoy a delicious dinner.

... I cooked tofu for the first time -
 a Bell pepper & tofu omelette.
It makes a very tasty lunch!
I'll write the recipe on my blog next week.

... When we were swimming in the swimming hall,
the boys and I saw jet aircrafts through the glass ceiling, 
 flying in different formations.
It must have been a training day in the Air Force?

... I sat for 75 minutes in the car at the downtown traffic chaos
- on a Sunday afternoon?!
That's very unusual.

I guess we'll find out the reason for why so many roads were close
when watching the News in the evening. 
- I couldn't turn to the right nor to the left,
and I ended up to the road to Roskilde!

Well, as this weekend is coming to an end,
I'm cooking an Italian Countryside Soup - 
Our boys wish to have it for dinner ;-)

I think I'll light some candles,
and enjoy this serene Sunday evening.

I hope you have a great week!

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