Sunday, 12 August 2012


The weather is going to be warm and sunny this weekend.
We're packing our car and heading towards Møn Island.
The Island of Møn is situated in south-eastern Denmark.

Møn has a beautiful landscape with sandy beaches, and 
- a quiet, cozy camping by the sea.

It's warm on the beach, the soft sea breeze is caressing our skin.
The boys are swimming, skimboarding and playing in the sea for several hours.

There's many prints in the sand - each telling their own story.

I admire the beauty and the harmony of creation!

Early in the morning I'm walking to the beach, while the others still are asleeping.
I'm watching the first rays of the rising sun arising from the horizon.

"Let us experience every morning the fullness of your love,
so that we daily can experience joy and gladness. "
 Psalm 90:14
(my free translation from the Danish language)

Driving over the Bridge of Møn.

It's quiet in the car, everybody's asleep.
I'm driving home, feeling rested and blessed.


  1. This looks like a beautiful area. I am happy that you had a nice time!

    1. Hi Dawn, I like also this area a lot, it's very peaceful, and therefore like "an oasis" to us who live in a city! We tasted wild blackberries and just enjoyed being by the sea. Nature means a lot to me, I took many pictures - so there's a follow-up post to come :-)


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