Friday, 10 August 2012

A dress made of chocolate


How would you feel like wearing a dress that's made ​​of chocolate?

One of the highlights in the Copenhagen Fashion Week is the dress made of chocolate. The dress is designed by Jesper Høvringin and made by chocolatier Bernadette Magleena Rylkon. It is brushed with 5 kg of organic chocolate, and it took  not less than 100 hours to make it.

One of the challenges in the Fashion Week is to prevent the dress from smelting - it's been cooled down by heavy aircondition. Chocolatier Bernadette Rylkon reveals that she's going to taste the dress in the end of the Copenhagen Fashion Week!

The dress is sponsored by Magnum Ice Cream, to celebrate the fact that Magnum is now using 100% organic chocolate in all production.

Here's a video link to the manufacturing process of the chocolate dress.

 ... Such a sweet dress, ain't it?!  :-)

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