Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Focal Lab {App Happy Wednesday}

Focal Lab is a nice app which allows you to create different graduated blur-effects to your photos. You can select the sharp area in the photo by touching the screen, whereafter you can adjust the strenght of the effect. Focal Lab has 4 types of blur effects: Dreamy Blur, Soft Focus, Zoom Blur and Motion Blur.

I have used the Zoom Blur-effect to the dandelion photo above. The center of the flower is sharp and in focus, and the light Zoom Blur-effect gives an intensive and dynamic feeling to the photo.

My favorite might be the Motion Blur-effect, that gives the daisy below a feeling like it is swaying lightly in the wind.

I have discovered this app recently, and I'm looking forward of playing with the possibilities it gives - layering the effects with Image Blender eller Filterstorm might make fun "slow-motion"-like photos?!

What is your favorite app at the moment - Come and share your photos and tips at Barb's App Happy Wednesday:

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  1. I know ahat an App is but must admit I use only the (limited but safe) features of the notebook...Boring, right?
    I like the daisy swaying look though (at least I recognize a good photo, right?!) I think when you do not grow up with electronics, you are a little reluctant at trying all those gadgets...What can I say? I have two left fingers (feet)!

  2. This looks like a very cool app, and it makes an effect very much like a LENSBABY. An app I don't have.... not a good thing.

  3. Absolutely stunning, Nina! I always enjoy your tips, sweet friend. Have a wonderful day! Hugs to you!

  4. The blur on the dandelion is absolutely amazing and it really grabbed my attention. I have Focal Lab and can see that I must investigate further. Thank you so much for playing today, Nina!

  5. Nice effect with Focal Lab! I'll be checking that one out too. Thanks for the tips...and screenshots too!

  6. I am so behind in the app world!! I always learn something new when I visit you, Nina. I love to learn, and I love that you do, too!

  7. These are great Nina, I love the dandelion, I have this app and have explored it to it's advantage. I haven't had just the right image yet to use with it but I am going to make the effect to take one so I can try it out.

  8. A great image love this app I might have to check it out...


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