Wednesday, 4 June 2014

A Virtual Blog Hop - Welcome


My friend Diana from the Studio 56 invited me to participate to a virtual blog hop together with other artists and photographers. The idea is to answer the same questions, and link up to each other... I heartly welcome you to this blog tour! 

Diana is a talented photographer - I admire her great portraits and still life photos. Be sure to read Diana's post on what inspires her and makes her phtography special.

1. What am I working on?
At the moment I am inspired by an unhurried life. I chose unhurried as my word for 2014. So in that sense the focus in my photography has been to capture the peaceful, still moments in my daily life. Noticing the small things, that might otherwise go unnoticed ... Where the sunlight falls beautifully through flower petals, the highlights of the texture in the fall ... feeling a wind softly caressing my cheek when walking outside.
I hope to convey tiny bits of these moment in my photography. 

For the first time ever, I am taking one picture every day through 2014, inspired by friends in the creative team at Love That Shot. I am taking the daily pictures mostly with my iPhone - to make it easy and practical. I have noticed that even with the camera in my iphone, I have been able to capture the light, feeling, and the slow life. You'll find my daily pictures on Instagram.

At the same time, I am learning to master my DSLR camera, which I have had almost a year now. I am taking pictures now in a manual mode, learning a whole lot of aperture, ISO, light metering etc. I have found great help from the Snapshot to Photograph Workshop by Love That Shot.

2. How does my work differ from other of its genre?
Seeing oneself from outside is an ability, that is under ongoing development ... Well, maybe one thing I recognize in my photography is that I tend to picture things from different perspectives, like from up, below and from the sides. 
My love for nature is seen also in the photos I take, nature photography being one of the areas I would like to develope in the future. 

3. Why do i create what I do?
The interest in photography has somewhat arised naturally ... In the photo albums from my childhood you'll find a bunch of photos, where I have intended to "seize the moment#  - in nature or with my family - my mom calls these for "Nina's artistic takes" (smiling). 
Alongside photography, my creative genes include sewing, knitting, crocheting, making cards and aquarells (in the beginner stage). At the moment, photography is my hobby no. 1.

4. How does your creating process work?
Besides walks in the nature, I find different photo courses very inspiring. Joining photo challenges does make me try new things, capture a feeling or a theme, and alongside the process, my creativity finds wings and flies ... 
I enjoy greatly the photo walks alone with my camera - It would be nice to be accompagnied by a kindred spirit ... I am eagerly waiting for when that is going to happen ...

On Monday the 9th June my friend JP from A Quiet Corner will be sharing her post on our Virtual Blog Hop. I am in awe of JP's ability to capture birds - and squirrels and other wild animals ... She has a way of capturing the details of these wonderful creatures in nature. She is able to spot a bird who is nesting, and thereby localize the nest, and follow the process until the little one's are learning to fly - Ain't that amazing! Be sure to pop by A Quiet Corner on Monday!

I hope you have enjoyed the Virtual Blog Hop - with mine and Diana's input ... followed by JP next week!



  1. Oh, how I loved visiting your blog today. Beautiful post Nina. Yes, you are good at perspective. Some lovely shots above. I am grateful to the global nature of the internet that brought us together. Just lovely!

  2. I'm enjoying these blog tours and very much enjoyed yours and learning a bit more about you, Nina. I will say a prayer for a kindred spirit to come along those walks with you. I know I miss have my man with me. Love, love all your images. You are so talented, friend. Blessings.
    Btw...I sent you an email. :)

  3. You are so very talented and I always enjoy my visits here!

  4. Nina, I am going to check into some of your recommendations for improving my skills although they could never touch yours as proof in these photos!!!...:)JP

  5. Hello,

    I saw your guest post on Stephanie's blog. I am enjoying browsing your blog and viewing your lovely photos. This picture of the flowers and photos is particularly interesting.

    :) Hope


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