Sunday, 1 June 2014

Strengthen the Sunlight with Photo Veils {Photo Recipe}

Summer and the life in the Great Outdoors has arrived! The nature is in blossom in the forests and by the lakes. 
We are cherishing the moments in the sun - and I am capturing many of them, making the memories last ... 

I wanted to strenghten the sunlight in the upper right-corner of the photo below using photo veils, and this is how I proceeded:

Photo recipe:
  • I increased slightly the brightness and the contrast of the original image.
  • Thereafter I added the following 3 photo veils:
    • Lemon Glow Right from the Illumination Collection, blending mode soft light with 100 % opacity. 
    • Sunshine 4 - Top Left - Vertical from the Illumination Collection, blending mode soft light with 30 % opacity.
    • Light (a veil that adds a natural vignette to the photo), also from the Illumination Collection, blending mode soft light with 50% opacity. I brushed this veil away from the top-right corner, to sustain the sunlight effect.
Photo Veils from the Illumination Collectiong will add a natural, warm light-effect, strengthening the sunlight in your photos. 

Let's enjoy the moments in the nature and make most of the season for outdoor life 
- capturing these moments as they unfold ...



  1. Love the pov in the photo and the edit! thank you for sharing!

  2. Summer camp is fabulous. Love your blog.


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