Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Plenty of Love

A funny slip of tongue makes me still smile, even if it is 17 years ago it took place.
My husband-to-be stood by my side in a big, beautiful and old Finnish chruch -
it was our wedding rehearsal, just a few days before our wedding.

We had planned a bilingual wedding, since me and my family comes from Finland,
where as my husband and his family comes from Denmark.
So the wedding ceremony was both in Finnish and in English languages.

As it came to pronouncing the wedding vows, my husband was supposed to say
"I love you in plenty and in need"
but he said instead
"I need you plenty in love"!

 As he said that, everybody (the priest, my mom, me and my good friend) started to laugh!
My dear husband-to-be smiled also, and he was curious to know, what was so funny ...
... when he heard about the slip of the tongue, he laughed out loud as well!

He twinked his eye to me, and said:
"But both ways count - I love you in plenty, as well as I need you plenty in love!"
... A sweet little twist of words, that actually goes both ways :)
 PS. A warm welcome to my new followers, Emily C. and Michele!
The textures used in the photos are kk-1301 and kk_minus 43 from Kim Klassen:
P52 Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley


  1. So sweet! and I love the photos!

  2. A lovely post and beautiful images of your rings.

  3. How cute! Happy Anniversary!

  4. Adorable!!! I love the photos of the rings, and the sweet memories!

    1. Yes, Beverly, the memories are to be cherished :)

  5. Very sweet! Lovely rings and memories!

    I love your blog and am a new follower. xx

    1. Thank you for your sweet words, Karen, and a warm welcome to you!

  6. Hyvinhäv se meni vaikka sanat menikin sekaisin ja laukaisi tilanteen varmasti kivasti. Näin sen pitäisikin olla naurua ja iloa eikä liian totista puuhaa siellä alttarilla:)

    1. Olet aivan oikeassa, Henrietta, se kyllä laukaisi jännityksen hyvin ~ ja hääthän onkin juuri ilon juhla :-)

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  8. Oeps something went wrong.

    A stroll down memorie lane... 17 years ago... and still plenty of love.
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you Barbara! Yes, love is also a matter of will, together with feelings ~ so plenty of love as will, feelings, words, thoughts and deeds :-)

  9. Beautiful post, so very sweet

  10. Very sweet, happy anniversary!
    I enjoy your ring photos.
    I think they make for very special photos.
    A few years ago, I did a "photo shoot" of mine & my husband's wedding bands.

    1. Hi Amanda ~ your photos of the rings are stunning ~ especially the ones with the blueberry branch, and the nest ...


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