Friday, 22 November 2013

Friday Afternoons


It's Friday afternoon ... the weekend is about to start. I come home from work and - what is the first thing I do? Well, I boil some water, because it's time for a cup of tea or coffee.

This moment, chatting with my hubby in the sofa, is a time of the week I appreciate a lot. Letting go off the thoughts related to work, just being here and now, settling down. Enjoying the warmth of the tea  cup in my hands, togetherness ... 

A small, yet meningful and important tradition for Friday afternoons.

What marks the beginning of a weekend for you?
Is there a moment or something you look forward to during the week, that usually takes place on Fridays?
Wishing you a happy Friday ...
Let's enjoy the weekend!
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  1. I look forward to Friday afternoons when my daughter comes home. She yells, "Can I play!" Her backpack hits the ground, there is no homework that has to be done today, and girl giggles are heard.

  2. I do exactly the same thing! (only with a small glass of wine...) and before that, I get my girls from day care very very early. The most important thing is, they know I come very early every Friday but the best thing is they always ALWAYS pretend they are surprised. And truly... they are happy!!!!

  3. oh, that makes me wish for something warm to drink. looks yummy!! ( :

  4. Sounds very relaxing... tonight we are going to have our first fire of the winter - I think I'm going to make hot chocolate to celebrate! What else can you do when you have two feet of snow?

  5. So wonderful to have this tradition, and a great way to transition to the most important time of the week, and home and family. I did a post today that includes a link to a wonderful tea place in Montreal. It is Davids Tea, and is just amazing. You might check it out if you like tea Have a wonderful weekend Nina

  6. a perfect Friday evening to me and love that little cup. Have a beautiful weekend Nina.

  7. What a wonderful start to your weekend. I look forward to my daughter coming home from school without homework. She is so much more relaxed and we hang out as a family.

  8. that sounds wonderful. Our weekends are topsy turvy and we are not always on the same work schedule or the same schedule to have the boys with us for the weekend...

  9. What a lovely tradition, Nina !
    And what a pretty cup !
    Enjoy the weekend,

  10. What a perfect way to end the week!

    diane @ aug's blog

  11. I love your tradition. It really is the small things in life, isn't it?

  12. The cup of coffee looks so inviting! Today I stopped in the store on my way home and bought fresh red and yellow flowers for my Thanksgiving table. Let the weekend begin!

  13. I love Friday afternoons when I pick the kids up from school and we have no activities to go to. A lazy drift into the weekend. Happy Sharefest

  14. Oh how I wish I could enjoy a quiet moment with my husband and a cup of coffee!! We have toddler twin boys and the signal to my Friday is bedtime for them!! #SITSsharefest

  15. Friday afternoons are awesome! :)
    Have a lovely weekend!

  16. This sounds like a great way to start your weekend, very relaxing.

  17. Weekends - aww, it used to bring a flutter to the stomach. Friday evening was like sitting in a roller-coaster at the top waiting to drop; adrenaline pumping at all the possibilities that lied ahead. Saturdays were like a challenge to squeeze in as much as possible - from soccer games in the morning, play time at McDonalds in the afternoon, to movies in the evening with no strict bedtime curfew. And then there was Sunday evening - something that should require the wearing of black for mourning the passing of something so valuable.

    Since I started working at home and the kids have gone and grown-up on me and pretty much bailed - it has become a little more like the rest of the week. But I can still remember the wonderment of it all.

  18. Thanks for sharing your transition tradition. What a fun way to declare the beginning of the weekend. I'm pondering transitions and traditions right now. Thanks for adding something for me to ponder.

    Happy Sharefest! Enjoy the weekend.

  19. The elated feeling of driving away from work and approaching my village is the moment I cherish on a Friday. Then it is one huge rush of trying to fit everything in and finding when I sit down on a Sunday with a cup of tea that, you know what?, I haven't rested at all! Love to be busy though! Have a great week. x

  20. Hi Dear Nina! You know, this weekend I actually liked cleaning. Normally it's a pain, but anticipating the visit of my daughter and her little family on Thursday made it a happy chore.
    I like Fridays because it gives me a chance to look back on the week and be thankful. The weeks just seem to blow right by so fast. It's nice to have a little time to reflect.

    Hope you had a good weekend!

  21. What a beautiful tradition for Friday afternoons, Nina! :)
    My honey and I share a cup of coffee every afternoon, when hubby gets home from work. We sit on the sofa and tell each other of our day. I am always looking forward to it.
    Beautiful mug and shots, too.
    Have a lovely rest of the week. Greeting from Scotland.


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