Sunday, 7 October 2012

Autumn Cozyness with Candles and Minipumpkins

Well now we've got a little bit of autumn inside! 
These tiny pumpkins caught my eye as I passed our local florist late in the afternoon.
"So cute - I could put them to a little basket in the kitchen, or by the window in the livingroom" I thought as I chatted with the florist.

I noticed a beautiful white candle in our local supermarket. This candle is made ​​of 100% stearin. "This would fit nicely together with the minipumpkins!"
The flame in a stearin candle burns more evenly than in a paraffin candle​​.

At the same store I saw that this beautiful gray tray with a sweet heart.  
This tray can be used both at Christmas and at Easter, and just as a fruit tray at other times.

We gathered a bunch of large cones  a couple of weeks ago, which also fitted to the candle-tray:

Little did I know in the morning, that we in the evening would enjoy 
a cozy light from the candle-cone-pumpkin - tray,

that brings a nice, warm atmosphere of autumn  :-)


  1. I love the arrangement you made with all the beautiful you picked up, so pretty. I love to burn candles, too.

    1. Thank you Dawn, I've made candle decorations for Christmas only, this one was not planned - so therefore it was "a double joy" being inspired bit by bit! Candles are cozy now when the evenings are getting dark.


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