Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The Roost Tribe

I found Bonnie Forkners blog Going Home to Roost in July. The creative DIY-ideas, beautiful photos and tasty vegetarian recipes kept me going back to her blog - which according to Bonnies own words is about:

 " everything handmade and anything homegrown.
i love to roost, and to me that means
nesting in my home and doing the things that i love.
i’m always seeking the next creative endeavor,
inspiring artists and beautiful material
- and my purpose here is
to share those with you!"

I felt like having found a kindred spirit that likes the same things as I do, so I started to follow Going Home to Roost :)

This fall Bonnie announced that she's going to start a Roost "Family" Tribe ... That was ecxiting news! The further I read about the membership, the more interested I became. I could read that The Roost Tribe members receive every month the following:

join the roost tribe! >> goinghometoroost.com (10)"2 seamless repeating patterns. to use as blog or twitter backgrounds, print them out to use as wrapping paper, patterned cards or gift tags, or in your own graphic design work, etc.
join the roost tribe! >> goinghometoroost.com (9)10 graphics to help beautify your blog, digital scrapbooks, printables or whatever! you’ll receive both the vector (.eps) and png formats. (think banners, social media buttons, arrows, etc.)
join the roost tribe! >> goinghometoroost.com (8)1 adobe illustrator video tutorial. i’ll be teaching you tips & tricks that i use in my blog posts & in my career as a surface pattern designer- from creating repeating patterns to custom shapes.
join the roost tribe! >> goinghometoroost.com (7)1 guided step-by-step vegan recipe. i’ll be breaking down the steps to my favorite recipes with fully photographed tutorials. they’ll be plant based, full of whole foods and incredibly delicious!
join the roost tribe! >> goinghometoroost.com (6)1 printable greeting card with matching gift cards. never purchase another greeting card for life! :)
join the roost tribe! >> goinghometoroost.com (5)a monthly round up of favorite links, resources & websites. from the most useful resources around the web to the most exciting new blogs and websites.

join the roost tribe! >> goinghometoroost.com (4)
1 iPhone and matching desktop calendar. downloadable backgrounds to help inspire, motivate and encourage you.
join the roost tribe! >> goinghometoroost.com (3)
a monthly gift guide with coupons and special offers. plain as that! my latest favorite picks with exclusive deals, just for you.
join the roost tribe! >> goinghometoroost.com (2)
1 special topic article. an in-depth article on something particularly noteworthy. think photography tips, advice on selling handmade, sewing courses, eating healthy articles, etc!
join the roost tribe! >> goinghometoroost.com (1)
anything else i feel like sending over. things i’ve been inspired to share with you like freebies or downloads, or you may just get a little something in the mail from time to time!"

... I found all of the above sounding great but I was wondering how costly an affair a Roost Tribe membership would actually be?
- I was gladly surprised when I found out that all the above costs only 5 USdollars a month!
So I signed up at once and was  eagerly looking forward to the Roost Tribe -release in September.

Now I almost can't wait until it's Friday, when I receice a weekly Roost Tribe newsletter!I especially look forward of receiving the patterns designed by Bonnie. 


Cards crafted with the beautiful patterns from the Roost Tribe

I enjoy crafting - making creative things is relaxing and you always get something nice out it. For me the creative input from the Roost Tribe is the thing that I love most. Getting the new patterns every now and then inspires me to do something with them ... like cards and small gift boxes :)

Gift Boxes crafted with cardboard and patterns from the Roost Tribe

Bonnies monthly designs for iPhone and a matching desktop calender are inspiring, as well as the recipes and the links (like the video instruction about food styling we received this month among other useful links).

There's only 3 days to go until it's Friday
... I wonder what the Roost Tribe Newsletter contains this time?

Click here for detailed information and signing up for


  1. Hi Nina, looks like fun. Thanks so much for visting... learning from each other is what is all is about!

  2. Hi Andrea, yes indeed, to share and to learn goes hand in hand ;)


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