Friday, 10 July 2015


I love fishing. 
You put the line in the water and
 you don't know what's in the other end. 
Your imagination is under there.

Robert Altman

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Just a quick note to say Hello and try the Blog Touch Pro-app. 

We've been fishing a few times now - a few bites but no actual catch until today ... My brother caught a pike. It was a young one though, so we did put it back to the lake.

Wonderful to see my family in Finland, and revisit the sceneries from my childhood. Our boys love the quiet life in the countryside, and sauna ... Yes, the old fashioned sauna with oven that is warmed with wood, and that has a mild and soft warmth.

With sunny holiday greetings,


  1. Hello my Finnish friend. Well, someone has finally explained the reason for my husband's behavior after thirty years of watching him get up in the middle of the night to go stand in all kinds of weather and hold a fishing pole. LOL!
    :) m & jb

  2. How wonderful to go home and spend some peaceful time there with your family! Beautiful shot and sure that it is wonderful scenery. Nothing ever quite compares to "going home'.

  3. Wow, what a fish! I will have to show my young son as he loves to fish :) Thinking of you, sweet friend. Love and hugs!


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