Friday, 24 July 2015

Picking blueberries

The season for blueberres has arrived ... The forests around my mom's house are filled with these blue pearls at the moment.

The weather has been a mix of sunshine and showers of rain ... So I headed to the forest early in the morning, when the sun was out.

It is such a pleasure to be so close to the nature here ... I am enjoying the scent of the birch and pine trees, and helping mom in the garden (and learning a bunch of gardening). The boys enjoy warming the wood sauna and my husband likes to pick up mushrooms with my mom - dad likes to stand for the grill. My brother had also holidays last week, so we've had a family get together.

These snapshots are with my iPhone, I have taken a few photos with my big camera as well - they're waiting in the memory card until we get home to Denmark (the time is flying all too fast!).
... With blueberry greetings,


  1. My husband is the blueberry picker in our house. Love the shot with the raindrop!

  2. I wish we have blueberry in the garden. I so love blueberry cheesecake but haven't tried a fresh one.

  3. I totally missed the blueberries this year - came and went while I was either out of town or running so much I didn't think to check on them.


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