Friday, 31 July 2015

July 2015 - Month in Photos


Can you believe today is the last day in July?! Such a great bunch of memorable moments 31 days can include ...

Tea in the mornings at mom's porch.
Time is. 
No hurries.

 Enjoying the fellowship with the family.
Our teens sleeping in ... waking up about earliest around lunch time.
Darts & card games.
Watching old photos and slides together. 

 Picking wild strawberries & blueberries. And chanterelles.
The scent of clower flowers and the sound of bees.
 A fox appearing behind a cliff - it's the first time ever I have seen a fox!

Cooking the rare dishes you just get in Finland.
A 4-day trip to visit my dear cousin in Helsinki.
The Great Outdoors & fresh air.

Slow life.
Old-fashioned wooden sauna in the evenings.

My favorite photo from July is the one above - we were rowing and fishing - and this particular evening was wind still and so quiet ... The clouds were drifting slowly, and we were on the lake to see the setting sun.

Above a video of my daily iPhone snapshots in July, made with the CollectPhotoApp.

I hope you're doing well here in the end of July -
May the months of August bring moments of joy, peace & sunshine to your path,


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  1. I love your summery July photos, Nina! So - you finally saw a fox. I won't have to send you one of mine! I love that rowing photo, too - I remember seeing it on Instagram.

  2. Hei, Nina!
    Niin kauniita kuvia, kollaasissa ja videolla. Levollinen ja valoisa järvimaisema on ihana; tuollaiset illat ovat olleet tänä kesänä harvinaisia, ainakin täällä päin.
    Tunnelmallista elokuuta!

  3. HI Nina,
    fantastic photos of your month July. Lovely pictures of the herbs and berries and your walk on the lake.
    Best regards, Synnöve

  4. Ihana, tunnelmallinen heinäkuu. Apilakuva on huikea!

  5. I too can't believe that July is over and it is into August. Before we know it will be fall. I love your pictures, the one on the lake is so beautiful. I love being on the water when it is so still that you can see the reflections.

  6. Gorgeous! Sounds and looks like heaven :) Have a great August Nina!

  7. yes.. where did JULY go...
    Great captures of your month.. My favorite photo is also the rowing and fishing one..Clear shot!


  8. Kaunista ja ihanan kesäistä! Näihin kuviin ja tunnelmiin on kiva palata myöhemmin.:)

  9. What a wonderful Juy you had, Nina! Gorgeous photos and perfect summer activities. A dear friend lives in Oulu, and I felt in love with Finand thanks to her tales and photos. I can't wait to visit Finand one day soon, it sounds so magical. Have a fun-filled August as well, Nina.

  10. Your collage is lovely! But that photo of the forest reflection in the water is absolutely stunning!


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