Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Stained glass window

People are like stained glass windows: 
they sparkle and shine when the sun is out,
 but when the darkness sets in 
their true beauty is revealed 
only if there is a light within. 

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

:   :   :

Looking through a stained glass window - that is the atmosphere and feeling, I wanted to create to the photo above. 

Like when you have slept well in a wooden, old log cabin: You wake up slowly, wondering what time it is ... You draw the curtains aside and notice, that the sun is up ... You open the window and hear the birds, as the fresh air fills your lungs...

As I was walking the other day, I went to this silent spot of mine, where people seldom walk by -  Where you can hear the water and the birds, yet you're surrounded by the trees, and you get the feeling of being deep in the forest.

The autumn weather brings me down the memory lane ... The childhood memories of the long walks in the forest, picking mushrooms and cowberries. We had sandwiches in our backbags, and we stopped to a high place with a view, to have a rest and a little snack ...

Well ... I guess the view from my stained glass window would be to a hillside forest, with a river or a lake down in the valley ... 

What view would you be looking at from your stained glass window?

... With dreamy greetings,


Photo: iPhone 5, textures Monday, Loretta, ScrathedMacig & Jacob by Kim Klassen

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  1. Oh, Nina! What a beautiful post and photo!
    Your question has really got me thinking. I have always lived near the Atlantic Ocean, but I have also spent a lot of time -especially in childhood- in the woods. I think I would be standing just inside the edge of the woods looking out across a large field at sunset. I have always been able to breathe more deeply out on the prairie. And, after the sun sets, there is a cozy little house with a light shining in the window and supper ready on the stove...Ahhh...

  2. What a breathtaking photo...and your words are so touching. I think I would have this exact same view - it's so comforting and sacred. Lovely!

  3. This is so dreamy - such a lovely image and post. I'd love to have the same view - just to be surrounded by such quiet beauty.

  4. Hi Nina! I think you have really achieved your goal here. I love this! I have actually seen a stained glass window that was like this scene. The lighting is fantastic here. I would like to see wildlife out this window...or a field of flowers. Ahhhh. Makes me so peaceful! Thank you for sharing, it's just so still and filled with the Spirit.

  5. Such lovely thoughts today, Nina! A beautiful image to go with them, too. I love the quote by Elizabeth Kubler Ross - how beautiful. This time of year brings back childhood memories for me, too. My parents took us to a mountain cabin every summer and that is exactly how we would wake in the morning. Oh, those wonderful childhood days! Sending you love xo Karen

  6. Dearest Nina, what a lovely post! Your posts always inspire me, dear friend. Love to you!

  7. What a great quote. I like how you went from the poem to the photo to the remembrances. Many things jog my memories these days - I try to stay in the present, but sometimes a bit of reverie and nostalgia is hard to resist!

  8. Such beautiful light and wonderful quote. What view would I like? I never get tired of looking at the ocean...

  9. When you mentioned those childhood memories of long walks I noticed that I often remember those Sunday afternoon walks with my parents that we were forced to as children. I didn't like it very much back then, but today I remember those very fondly. Funny how that works... Your photo reminds me of a certain part along "my" lake that looks exactly like that. It's where I usually climb through the underbrush to get to the edge of the lake and look for the bittern who resides there during the colder months of the year.

  10. I think my window would look very similar to yours! Have a blessed week.


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