Tuesday, 21 October 2014

A Rainy Day at Tivoli Gardens through the Old Camera App

We had the pleasure of having my dear mom visiting us during the Fall Break. The Tivoli Gardens is beautifully decorated during the Harvest Market - Halloween season, and we spend a lovely afternoon - with our umbrellas - in Tivoli. 

These photos are taken with my iPhone, using the Old Camera Application. I chose the Kallitype Mode, out of 6 different black and white options in the Old Camera. I like the soft, grey tones and the strong vignette effect in the Kallitype mode. The Old Camera does really add a touch of vintage to the photos ... and a silver lining to a rainy day. 

I love especially the portrait of my mom in the cafe - the light falls softly to her beautiful face, capturing the dreamy look in her eyes. 
Another favourite of mine is the 2nd picture, where mom is standing in the mist with her umbrella.

Should I mention one disadvantage in the Old Camera App, it would be the fact that the app does resize the photos to a size around 200 - 250 KB. Since I want to use these photos in a photobook, I used the Filterstorm App to upsize them to around 3000 KB. 

We said farewell to my mom yesterday - She has had a safe trip and is back at home now. We're thankful and so happy for the moments spend together ... Looking forward for Christmas when we'll meet again!

With Rainy Day Greetings,

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  1. I do like the feeling this app gives to the photographs. Nice to see your mom AND you in these pictures!

  2. Such a lovely post, Nina ... your mom is lucky to have such a loving daughter ... I really like what the Old Camera app is capable of - the tones are very vintage and soft. I also like the vignette.

  3. These are gorgeous. I esp. love the 2nd one!

  4. I love the same ones you do. Good you could use the phone, since it seemed kind of drippy for a DSLR! I like the edits.

  5. Lovely captures of your special day, Nina! Your Mom does indeed look beautiful in the light and I especially love her standing with the umbrella. The Old Camera app is wonderful. Very sweet photo of you and your guy, too. xo Karen

  6. Hello dear Nina! Your mom looks like a young girl standing under that umbrella -maybe because of the angle of her feet. I stand that way, too! You are so blessed to have such a loving relationship with your mother. Also like the one of you and your husband. Very rainy, dark, early morning here. Have some early appointments, so I will get out my big umbrella like you guys did, and sally forth! ((big hugs)) m & jb

  7. Hello dear Nina! You are such a lovely lady, sweet friend. And your pictures are simply beautiful. Hugs to you!

  8. Hi Nina! I remember visiting the Tivoli Gardens. We went at night, and it was beautiful. I'm sorry it was so rainy, but it sure looks like you had a great time with your mom. How great to have it so close to you!
    Happy Thursday,

  9. Sweet photos and lovely tones, Nina. Glad you and your mom had a lovely time together. :)

  10. BEAUTIFUL images.. I love the mood the tones & fades set. So perfect for rainy days and warm memories.

  11. These are delightful - I like that app and what a treasure to spend time with your mom.


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