Monday, 13 October 2014

Gathering Reds and Browns [Be Still 52]

Textured with Mudding by Kim Klassen - blendmode overlay 25%.

I took a basket with me to the park Sunday afternoon - and I came back home with all the colors and scents of fall! Two candles are waiting to be set to the tin dish together with these finds from my walk ... To lighten up the dark evenings.

Inspired by Kim Klassens Still Life 52-course, I took a close look on the leaves, berries and branches, laid them on the table and tried to make a collage. Yet, it was only the red and brown colors, that captured my attention. 

As I found these browny, curly leaves under the bush, I took some photos of them already in the park, as they were swirling around the thin branches - these leaves have such a delightful form! 

Kim Klassen is teaching us in the classroom how to make a triptych template in Lightroom - her tutorial videos are guiding us smoothly through the different options ... And above you see my first template made in Lightroom - Thank you Kim!

I have used Kim's Moodswing Lightroom preset on the photos above - I like the contrast and the vintage-like feeling they give to the photos.

We're having Fall Break this week - It's funny how the Fall Break arrives each autumn exactly at the right time ... When we most need it. I am welcoming the slow mornings and late breakfasts with the family... And what is even better - My mom is coming over to visit us later this week! 

The less good news is that our eldest son has had an aggressive viral infection in his eye over a week now: His right eye is very sensitive to light, and the infection is causing pain in and around the eye. As the new medicine has not caused any positive change, we need to see the doctor again tomorrow... I hope he will be getting better soon!

Life is like the river,
sometimes it sweeps you gently along and 
sometimes the rapids come out of nowhere.
Emma Smith

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 ... I hope your week is filled with
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  1. Nina, I am alarmed about your son's eye. Is he being seen by an eye specialist? I ask because many years ago I had a viral eye infection. The family doctor treated it as conjunctivitis -pink eye. But that was completely wrong. I had a herpes infection. Only an eye doctor looking through that big device they use to examine your eyes -called a split lamp- can see the tell-tale signs of a herpes infection.

    1. Thank you for your care & concern, Maureen! Our son was examined by an ophthalmologist yesterday: He has something called iritis- an inflammatory condition of the colored portion of the eye. The 3 different kinds of medicin drops are starting to help a bit now, yet he's going to have daily controls by the ophthalmologist this week to follow the healing process. I do hope he will be recovering soon ...

  2. Replies
    1. Oh I also meant to say I hope things get better with your son's eye. So scary and hope the doctor has some good news or treatment for him.

    2. Thank you Barbara, the new mecidin in starting to help and the doctor is following the recovery close ... so he is in good hands and hopefully starts feeling better soon.

  3. I will pray for your son; it's so hard when one of our children is in pain….
    You certainly collected some wonderful examples of fall….the colors are so pretty….

    1. Thank you Nancy for your prayers - He is doing slightly better today, and the doctor is following his recovery closely.

  4. Beautiful images of your fall gatherings, Nina! Sending healing thoughts and prayers for your son. Hope your visit with your Mom is wonderful. xo Karen

    1. Thank you for the prayer, Karen! The new medicine is helping and he is being followed closely this week by the ophthalmologist ... and we're looking forward of having my mom here!

  5. I love your choice of the browns and reds They have made stunning still life's! I hope your son has continued to heal too! So hard to find stillness at these times.


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