Friday, 20 December 2013

Tidbits in Candlelight {iPhoneography}

Photo taken with Camera+ and edited in Snapseed, DistressedFx, PicFx and PhotoToaster

I found these pretty hyacints on my desc at the office today - A greeting from "the secret elf". During the month of December everyone is "a secret elf" for someone else. Each elf is to make her / himself known in some way 3 times. It's been nice to make surprises - and  to be surprised!

Photo taken with Camera+.I have added textures 2811 by Kim Klassen and Avignon from Olde World Collection by Love That Shot

Candlelight brings coziness to the dark, wintery mornings...

Camera+, HandyPhoto

... and enlightens the evenings as well. It is often dark outside, both when you go to work and come back from work ... We do need some soft candlelight!

Hipstamatic, Snapseed, Mextures

The tiny oak, next to the Christmas tree on our local town square, has gotten a woolen scarf :)

Camera+, Snapseed

My bicycle tire punctured on Wednesday - so I had to do some extra walking and I got home late. When walking slowly towards the train station, I discovered that the station looks pretty cool with all these lights ... I haven't noticed that when biking! And as I arrived to the station, I met an acquintance, I hadn't talked with for a long time ... we chatted and cathed up in the train. So the punctured tire was not a disaster, after all.

... Have a great weekend,
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  1. Beautiful present from your secret elf, Nina, what a great idea !
    Lovely photos and editing !
    Love the lights at the train station ...
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas time,

  2. Love that secret elf, and such a sweet surprise. I would have loved that as a surprise. such fun finds this week, sorry about the tire but then again it was a good thing also. Happy Holidays Nina.

  3. awesome candle glow. so pretty. i love stopping by. happy weekend!! ( :

  4. Our Johnathan was a "Secret Santa" the past couple of weeks in his 5th grade class.. they had so much fun with it.
    I love candle light. And I LOVE your happy twist of fate to the train story, the quote is so perfect.
    Happy weekend, Nina!

  5. Loving the darkness with a sprinkling of lights and warmth. So pretty!

  6. I love that idea of a secret elf! Great collection of warm instagram shots!

  7. Merry Christmas - I love number 3 photo... nice light..

  8. Lovely photography! I really need to get out the candles. This year has been quite crazy and I haven't even done half of what I usually do. Have a blessed Christmas.

  9. What a sweet office practice - I too really like the shot of the stationary. Isn't it funny how sometimes what seemed a bad break turns out just fine, if not good. I enjoyed your shots and edits.

    Happy Holidays Nina!

  10. Love the name "secret elf"…in our office it was called "secret Santa", with the same concept - everyone always enjoys it. Love your candle light and night lights. Merry Christmas Nina!

  11. Such lovely lovey shots .... I like the idea of a "secret elf" :-D
    Merry Christmas!
    diane @ aug's blog

  12. What fun to have a secret elf, and love your shots! Have a wonderful Christmas Nina!


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