Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Country of the Heart

Texture Still by Kim Klassen and Avignon from Olde World Collection by Love That Shot

Every First Advent Sunday our family gathers around the dining table, that is filled with branches of pine and juniper, acorns, clay, candles and tiny Christmas balls. We spent the afternoon crafting Christmas Candle decorations, chatting and listening Carols ... not to forget the ginger bread cookies and chocolate treats.

As we sat by the table this Sunday, I was happy that our boys, now teenagers, still wanted to join us. I hope that they'll carry these memories in their hearts, along the moments from our everyday life ... That our family would be the homeland of their hearts, a safe harbour, where they can sat sails, to go and explore the world.

Every December I get a bit nostalgic, seeing how the time passes by ...
You notice it so clearly in your children as they mature and get older!

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... Happy Tuesday to you,
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  1. Nina, this is simply wonderful to read about your first Advent Sunday and the memories. Love your image! Wishing you a happy and wonderful Christmas season full of Love!

  2. Such a beautiful tradition, loved hearing about it Nina and that your boys still want to do this. Such good things come with this time of year. Beautiful image.

  3. What a wonderful way to start the Advent and I'm sure your boys will remember these moments for a lifetime!

  4. What a beautiful photo...yes, holidays always bring nostalgia about time passing (and children growing up). The memories sure are precious, though - enjoy your holiday season, Nina. :)

  5. That is awesome that your boys still enjoy the tradition ... it's a sure sign that they will carry it into their adult lives .... That photo is beautiful. Yes, December and the holidays stir nostalgia in me, too. Have a great week.
    diane @ aug's blog

  6. Beautiful image and tradition, Nina. Happy Tuesday to you too!

  7. What a wonderful tradition. The holidays are a good time to remember what really matters in life. Your photo is beautiful and brings with it a sense of nostalgia.

  8. It's quite wonderful when children go off and establish their own families when they keep some of their parent's traditions alive. I feel nostalgic when I see my grandchildren enjoying some of the same traditions that my children did. Happy holiday season to you, Nina.

  9. Can so agree with your words.It's nice when my boys still like being with us and keeping traditions we started. Great image!!

  10. The tone of the photo is beautiful. I hope you enjoy family times this season and make wonderful memories!

  11. Such beautiful truth spoken here, Nina! They grow astonishingly fast, and looking back over annual traditions, doing the same things with your children as they grow, is such a clear picture of the passing time.
    Your time together sounds wonderful. I can almost feel it myself.
    Traditions & memories go hand in hand. ♥

  12. Sounds like a wonderful afternoon you had with the family!

  13. Hi Nina! I love family traditions. Yours sounds so lovely. And your photo is so pretty, I like the color tone in it.
    I know what you mean about time marching by. We will be spending Christmas with my daughter and her family. She will be having her second child in two weeks, and needs help for the holidays. That's a big difference for us. A new tradition!

  14. It's so nice to have traditions--old or new--that family can use to be closer. I like your photo a lot.


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