Tuesday, 10 December 2013

First snow

Friday morning the streets were covered with snow - a pure, white thin carpet over the landscape changed the neighbourhood to a "winter wonderland." On Saturday the sunlight was reflecting on the snow ... and I headed for a Photo Walk in the afternoon. I'm wearing the woolen mittens knitted by a creative friend of mine - they're perfect when taking photos outside - leaving the fingertips "free".

The lake is surrounded by dried burdocks ... As I made my way home, I discovered that I had dozens of them on my mittens, coat and jeans!

The weather has changed now- to rain and mist ... but I've hidden the winter wonderland in my mind and heart ... There's still two weeks to Christmas - Maybe the frost will arrive with some more snow - Who knows?!


PS. I have added textures Cherish / Cherish Scriptured and Cora by Kim Klassen.

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  1. Very creative photography ~ hope you get your White Christmas ~ carol, xxx

  2. Nina, it snowed here all day and it is beautiful...some will come your way to warm your heart!...:)JP

  3. Hello Nina , these are the perfect photographer mittens:))

  4. Hi Nina,
    What a wonderful walk. I love your perspective in the photos. The dried burdock makes a great subject for a winter photo. Great mittens!

  5. Beautiful photographer-mittens you have, and lovely winter photos, the second image is just magical! :)
    Have a lovely week.

  6. Beautiful images of winter. There is thick fog here at the moment so photography is virtually impossible. Have a great week xx

  7. By the time I get home from work I have 15 minutes of light. Great shots.

  8. I love taking walks with my camera after it has snowed.
    I don't like the stuff but it makes everything so dang photogenic!!
    Stay toasty!
    diane @ aug's blog

  9. A snow sounds heavenly during this time of year, but it would be sort of a miracle to have on in Georgia. Love your fingerless gloves!

  10. Even those those sticky little buggers are a nuisance, you captured them beautifully! :)
    Thinking frosty snow flake thoughts for you, Nina!

  11. I love the last image with the burdock on the mitten - they tend to stick, don't they? - Great processing too!

  12. No snow here - thank goodness! I'm enjoying winter looking at your lovely photos. I like your "selfie" a lot!

  13. These are such gorgeous photos and love the lighting in them!

  14. Love your mittens and hope snow finds its way to you soon.

  15. there is something magical in the first snow of the season...ours changed to rain and mist as well. We are expecting maybe 6 inches tomorrow though to make up for it.

  16. Looks like you had a wonderful walk, Nina !
    Lovely photos !
    Nice weekend,

  17. Great shots! I love those gloves!

  18. The images make me feel bright and sunny - Lovely photos - anytime you spend outdoors is a happy day -- stay warm too..

  19. Hi Nina! Looks like those burdocks wanted to come home with you!

    The first snow always reminds me of change. Changing from fall to winter, changing from lighter clothes to heavier ones. We have about 4" on the ground from a snowfall today. We are in winter for sure! But it looks pretty, and the roads are good.

    Those gloves look perfect for photography!

  20. Such beautiful photos Nina! Love the perspective in that first shot. :)

  21. Thank you for coming by sharing your creative photography on the Weekly Top Shot, #113!


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