Sunday, 29 December 2013

Create a touch of vintage to your photos: Photo Recipe


Removing an item from its original surroundings - like picking up this acorn from the forest floor and bringing it inside - and photographing that item isolated in a new setting, brings about a renewed focus and opens up for a fresh perspective.
I photographed the acorn under a direct light from above, creating a narrow and precise shadow under the acorn, thereby underlining its round form. I have taken the picture with my Nikon 3200 camera, using a 18-55 mm lens.
I wanted to create a touch of vintage feeling to this photo, so I selected three textures from the Olde World Collection and the Simplicity Collection from Love That Shot.
Photo Recipe:

1. I have edited this photo in Photoshop CS6 - I started with increasing the contrast of my original photo to 26 and the brightness to 22.
2. I added the Avignon texture from the Olde World Collection, using blending mode soft light with 50 % opacity.
3. My second texture, Palermo, is also found in the Olde World Collection: I used blending mode soft light with 35 % opacity.
4. The last texture Granite, is from the Simplicity Collection. Once again, I used blending mode soft light, this time with 30 % opacity.
The picture below shows the difference between my original photo and the texturized photo. I like the warm and delicate vintage-like feeling, these textures have created.

I like to use some of my photos as post cards. In these occasions I often add a greeting or a short quote to the photo. Ralph Waldo Emersons quote suits well with this little acorn of mine, so I added it to my photo. I selected a dark brown shade from my picture as the color of the text. Finally, I reduced the opacity of the text just a bit to create a soft, dreamy look.

I hope you've enjoyed following along - You'll find more inspiration from Love That Shot's beautiful Photo Texture Collections and  Photo Veil Collections.

Creating vintage-like photos and post cards is a great way to relax, giving a flow to your creativity. And even better - You'll make someone happy when e-mailing or sending your post card ... A joy that's shared is a joy made double!

Wishing you a happy and creative week,



  1. Nice idea you shared here, I will try...

    Happy New Year! Nina

  2. Creative flow ROCKS!! And sharing it is indeed doubling it. :)


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