Monday, 2 December 2013

DIY Paper Heart Garland

Paper Heart Garlands are easy to prepare and a nice crafting idea for home decoration.
It took me about 60 minutes to make these 9 paper heart garlands, using materials I  already had at home. I adjusted the lenght of the garlands by varying the number of paper hearts from 3 to 5 hearts / garland.
You will need:
- a heart paper punch
- some paper with print - I used an old school textbook, that is made of strong and slippery paper
- one small bead for each garland 
- white sewing thread
- a needle
- scissors
I proceeded as follows: 
  • I started with punching the hearts. I noticed afterwards that some words were randomly placed in the middle of the heart, like "dilemma" (I used an old textbook from Qualitative Research Methods :-)
  • I then clipped the hearts out with scissors.

  • I fastened the bead to the thread by binding a knot.
  • Then I connected the hearts, one by one, using three double stiches on each heart. I left a space about 4 inches between the hearts.
  • Finally, I bound a loop at the end of the each garland, so I could hang them up.
  • I made 9 garlads in all, three to each window, with different lenghts.

- And that's about it - pretty easy, aint it!

Crafting Paper Heart Garlands is a fine way for repurposing an old book, and for making timeless, wintery decorations.

... with hearty greetings,


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  1. What a super cute garland! Thanks a lot for visiting my blog. Have a lovely evening!
    Best wishes, Annemarie
    p.s. I'm your newest follower :-)

  2. great idea - if only I had the patience

  3. Great idea to recycle those old textbooks we all have collecting dust in the basement! I love all things paper and this garland is completely cool. It would look great wrapped around a Christmas tree. Visiting via "InspireMeMonday" link up (where I'm #186).

  4. Nina,it reminds me of simpler times,when we were creative instead of purchasing...
    Thank you for sharing! My grandmother would have loved this so I felt inspired and wrote my post thinking of her and using one of your lovely pictures!
    Allthe best,

  5. Pretty Nina and very dainty!...:)JP

  6. These are such delightful and whimsical paper heart garland!

  7. How simple and how super cute, thank you

  8. Thank you for sharing this lovely DIY heart. So easy that I will be comfortable to give it a try.

  9. Hopping from Inspire Me Monday. This is really lovely. I think this would be an excellent project to do for anytime of the year, especially for Valentine's Day. Thanks for sharing and am now GFC following...~Curious as a Cathy


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