Sunday, 16 December 2012

Reversible bags & rice bags DIY

When our children were small, I often sewed clothes and nice little things to them. Now Christmas is serving as a great occasion to find my sewing machine and get a bit creative!

I have been sewing to the small relatives - as the toddlers do not read my blog, I dare to show a few pictures here before Christmas :)

This bag of rice is 12 years old - it keeps appearing from the most odd places - I found it from the hood of our younger son a month ago!  When our oldest son learned to walk, I sewed him little rice bags with handles - that was the most used gift that Christmas! The rice bags went wherever he went - it was an easy thing to carry - it didn't tip his balance at all :)

So as this old rice back was found, I got inspired to sew a few ordinary rice bags with handles, to the little relatives that are about to learn to walk.

These rice bags contain a white cotton cloth bag which is approximately half filled with rice. After I put the white cotton rice back in to the coloured back, I set a ribbon to serve as a handle, and sewed the bag together from the top.

To the school girl I sewed a reversible bag - she can turn the bag either to pink- flowery bag or to the dog-patterned bag. I used a pocket from my old jeans to serve as a little pocket.

The other sweet niece is going to receive a pink - green reversible bag. I sewed a fish ribbon to brighten up the side of the bag. I'm going to put some the colored pencils and paper inside her bag.

The 3 -y. old little man gets a reversible bag as well. This back has a wide shoulder straps, so that he can carry all the little cars!

I'm almost ready with the knitted presents as well. Using double yarn and large needles, you can easily knit a scarf or two to Christmas.

This fluffy scarf is almost ready. It is knitted with 8 mm circular needles, using two different colored mohair yarn.

The fabrics for the reversible bags and rice bags was something I all ready had - I needed to purchase only the spotted ribbons. Sewing is fun, I should maybe arrange a monthly sewing afternoon and invite a couple of friends over ... I could actually sew a large tote to my library book ...

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  1. Replies
    1. Kiitos, niiden parissa oli mukava puuhastella :)

  2. These are some awesome tips! I can't sew worth a lick, but I do enjoy beautiful projects! Love these. Thank you for taking the time to share!

  3. What lovely Christmas gifts!! They are sure to please the littles in your life;) Oh to on your list, I love the knitting...

    1. Hi Laura, yes - there's something relaxing in knitting, ain't it :)

  4. You've been very busy! and I think that handmade items are the BEST!! I wish I was a crafty person!
    I'm sure your relatives will LOVE these!

  5. A lady of so many talents....
    Laurie @ Pride in Photos

  6. Wonderful projects! I am certain the recipients will love them. :0)

    1. Hi Debbie, I hope that the bags will be used :)

  7. These are beautiful projects. You are very talented.

  8. What a wonderful idea, these are true Christmas presents to be treasured, Nina.

    1. Thank you Linley - I'll hide a few little things inside the bags - the "soft gifts" only (handmade) were not the favourite ones when I was a kid :-)

  9. These are so cute Nina! Thanks for sharing them in my Crafty Linky Party. Make sure to come back and share often.
    Jen @ Though My Creative Mind

  10. Nina! These bags are so adorable. Thanks for linking them up :-)

  11. How fun to make your bags reversible! Super cute fabrics too... :)

    hugs x


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