Thursday, 13 December 2012

I've been very lucky ...

 ... and have won 2 giveaways: From FOOD52 The lovely cookbook Small Plates and Sweet Treats by Aran Goyoaga from Cannelle et Vanille, and a wonderful linen pillow case made by my friend Johanna, the author of Ajatuksia Kaukana - blog!

I found the FOOD52-website as I was searching for a muffins recipe. On the FOOD52-blog I saw a giveaway, where 5 lucky ones cound win Aran's new cookbook. I have been following Aran's beautiful food blog about a year now,  so I knew that her Small Plates and Sweet Treats was published lately. Small Plates and Sweet Treats includes a bunch of lovely gluten-free recipes with really beautiful photographs.

It was easy to participate - I was asked to write a favorite gluten-free recipe, that would feed a crowd ... mine answer is below:

Time went by, and I had almost forgotten all about the giveaway, as I received this e-mail ...
I was so surprised, and happy, as I read it!

Some weeks later I received the Small Plates and Sweet Treats ... the most beautiful cookbook I've ever seen! I look forward of trying the recipes - the first will be one of Aran'd delicious tarte tatins!

My friend Johanna has an eye for interior design. She is  very good to sew and repurpose old furniture to something new and beautiful. She has sewn this lovely linen pillow case to a giveaway in her blog. Can you imagine, I was lucky to win this beautiful pillow case! I am really for this  happy beautiful pillow! Thank you Johanna!

With happy & lucky regards

ps. Being this lucky I'd say that
it is my turn to hold a giveaway
after the Christmas :-)


  1. Wow Nina, congratulations!!! One is lucky enough, but two giveaways? That's just wonderful!

    1. Yes, ain't it extraordinary! I'll share some of the recipes as I go along ...

  2. You have been very lucky. I am so happy for you!! Looks like a wonderful cookbook.

    1. Hi Dawn, I know I've been very lucky - I'm going to have a giveaway in my blog soon after Christmas, I'm thinking about what to give away ... :)

  3. You lucky girl, CONGRATS! My oldest son is a Chef and I think he would love the book about gluten free cooking. Maybe a nice Christmas present ;)

    Have a great Sunday,

    1. Hi Barbara, it is true that more people are having different intolerances today - t it is fine to have cookbooks specialised to these diets as well. Have a lovely weekend, Barbara!


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