Sunday, 2 December 2012

Biking to a Christmas Market


The sun was setting as I biked through the city to the Craft - and Design Christmas Market.
I grab every opportunity to be outdoors in the weekends, 
since it is already dark when I come home after work.

There was a cozy stand for tea, coffee and small snacks at the patio.

My friend has a stand at the market, she makes the most beautiful, simple and classic earrings, rings and other jewellery, designing the models, modelling the clay and burning it to ceramic. 
The tables inside were filled with graphic, design for home, jewellers and clothes.
I found a few things that are wrapped in paper ... more about them after Christmas.

We had tea and small hummus-sandwiches outside - 
as we chatted by the lantern.

The small fires kept us warm ... 
watching flames is relaxing,
the bring about this peaceful feeling.

I biked home in a peaceful tempo, 
enjoying the cold and crispy air -
It is December!


  1. Sounds divine Nina, you just can't beat an open fire in the cooler weather. I am in Western Australia and the weather is the exact opposite, starting to get very hot now.

    1. Hi Linley, sunny and warm weather sounds so exotic! I hope to visit Australia one day! The wast nature - A lovely, vast lake where you had the lunch / the picture on your blog!

  2. looks like a lovely time. so warm and cozy. where we live it's always hot and never gives us the opportunity to have a fire.
    coming through simple as that

    1. Oh sometimes the grass is greener in the other side- I wish ai could spend the next week in a warn and sunny climate! ;)

  3. What a lovely place! I love your photos, the window photo and the lantern photo are my favorite, so cozy and old fashion like. I always enjoy seeing your comments and stopping by your blog!

    I def don't want to shop at the crowded mall, I'm making my hubby go with me!! Enjoy your weekend as well Nina! xoxo

    1. Hi Diana, thank you for your sweet words! I hope you 2 get a cozy day shopping, take care, xxx


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