Friday, 23 November 2012

On a Friday

I've gone to sleep too late this week - that is, around midnight. After closing my eyes are my thoughts have wandered in many directions. Some organizational changes at my work have caused altered ways in doing things, both in practice and administration. When I'm tired, my thougts get easily confused and blurred.

But yesterday I went to bed early, and I woke up this morning a half an hour before the alarm clock rang - fresh and well rested!
As I opened the kitchen window, I could hear quiet and beautiful birdsong, as the sun was rising over the city.

And it is weekend now!
... and the first Advent on Sunday.
No hustle, no bustle.
Maybe some baking - crafts - knitting ...

 ...Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends celebrating the day & a Great weekend,


  1. and it is weekend now.

    No hustle, no bustle,

    maybe some hiking, biking...

  2. Glad you hear you awoke well rested...sometimes good rest is elusive. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Hi Debbie, yes it is elusive :) Hope you've had a nice weekend too!

  3. It is so nice to wake up to a new day, a new beginning. Anything is possible!

    1. Yes it is Nancy! New day - new possibilities :)


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