Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The Deer Park [Wordless Wednesday]

Photos are from a walk from the Deer Park by the Eremitage Castle.
I'm really happy each time my friend and I get to go out and about on a "photo walk". 
She took the picture of me above - it is nice to be in the frame, that does not happen so often.

Happy Wordless Wednesday to you,


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  1. SO nice! I like that photo of you taking a photo:)Hoping to wake a photo walk with my daughter when she gets home.

  2. Beautiful! Just, wow. How very lucky you are to be able to see such a place in person! I can only wish to be able to see something like that someday!

  3. the deer are beautiful. pretty scenery.

  4. It's nice to see you "captured" in a photo, Nina! A different kind of "dear"...

  5. Great photos of the deer. Is the white deer albino?

    1. Hi Rhonda, The white deer is an albino - we saw actually two albino deers as we walked in the Deer Park. The first one was rather large, and it was chased by an even larger deer with impressive antlers ... we kept our distance!

  6. Your images are stunning, my friend. I loved seeing the picture of the deer since we have a lot of deer here in the mountains, but they are Mule Deer and look quite different from yours :)

    Hugs to you, sweet Nina!

  7. These pictures are wonderful!!!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a lovely day

  8. Such a beautiful place, dear Nina! So lovely to see the deer so peacefully grazing. Wonderful to spend the day with a friend enjoying the beauty. Sending hugs xo Karen

  9. Words aren't necessary for this beauty. Lovely, lovely places.

  10. Words definitely aren't needed! I enjoy dark and moody as much as light and bright!

  11. What a wonderful array of photo's, I do like the mosaics.

    Lovely to see the deer, and especially nice to see that last photo with you in it!

    Good wishes for the coming weekend

    All the best Jan


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