Saturday, 20 August 2016

A Sense of Balance

Happiness is
a place between
too little or too much.

Saturday morning and coffee ... 

Watching the roses above brings about a peaceful and balanced feeling in me. 
Creating balance between duties and hobbies, social time and alone time, getting things done and keeping breaks, reflecting and "turning your mind of", is a work of art. 

Having a 100% balance in everything would be boring. Yet, most people tend to thrive when they find themselves and the different areas of life in balance - the Golden Mean.

I was wondering last weekend about how it will be to start working againg after summer holidays. And, as it shows, I was troubling my mind unnecessarily - The week has been fine and smooth. I was worried about busy mornings and hastily prepared dinners, not getting the neck-back-exercises done etc. ... But the meal planning seems to be working well (we have a saying in Finland: Well Planned is half done).

That being said, I have had to admit to myself that my dream of volunteering this autumn, in addition to work, has to be postponed. I have a fresh memory of a period, when my plate was too full, which was not healthy for myself nor the people around me.

Are you struggling in finding ways to bringe a sence of balance in your life, you might like Leo Babauta's article When Your Plate is Full.

As I mentioned before, I do not believe in keeping a 100% balance - if that even were possible. But I believe that most of us do wish to be there, where our ressources and time somewhat meets your actual needs and challenges. There will be more or less challenging periods, but having arrived to the other side, makes one appreciate and nurture a more balanced life, when possible.

...Until next time,


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  1. Balance? My constant struggle.

  2. Beautiful roses!!!
    Nice to be back and read you again.

  3. Dear Nina, What a lovely, thought-provoking post. Balance - even at my advanced age, I must be aware of the need for both stimulation and restfulness. You are wise to know your limits. I hope for a good school year for you - with balance. Your rose photo is a sweet composition to illustrate your post.

  4. it is a constant struggle juggling everything thanks for the lovely article and the roses have a great week

  5. Great post for making me reflect on exactly what balanced feels like in my world. It has changed in my retirement years. I know balanced feels much better, but I don't put a restriction on myself to make all things balanced.
    Glad all is going well in your world, and love the photo of the rose. It is nice to be on the other side of whatever troubles our mind until the event can happen, and glad that going back to work was more relaxing than your anticipated thoughts of it. ~hugs~

  6. Great post. Some people never figure out how to be happy. Love the photo.

  7. Such a beautiful photograph.
    We all strive for balance.
    We all strive for peace of mind.

    I hope you have had a peaceful week so far, enjoy the remaining days of August

    All the best Jan


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