Saturday, 21 May 2016

Random 5 from this week

I was an early bird this morning, watching the sun creating a pretty play of shadows in the kitchen. Before the day starts with errands, I'll journalize here 5 Random things from this week:
  • I have slept a lot this week ... I connect the sudden need for sleep to the start of the pollen season. Besides the need to sleep, I sneeze and have itchy eyes - But luckily the medicine is helping! And a nap after work or after dinner is said to be a good ting :)
  • Pancakes made of  1 banana and 2 eggs makes a tasty breakfast! I add also a pinch of salt and just a touch of baking powder ... I recommend!
  •  I am half way through reading Unashamed by Christine Caine - her authenticity shines through the lines ... I can't wait to pick it up again later this afternoon...
  • The days at the work has flown by so fast ... I enjoy spending time with unique children and motivated colleagues :)
  • I enjoy watching videos from the Light Room Killer tips by Scott Kelby - here's a good one on noise reduction.

... Wishing you a peaceful weekend,


  1. Sorry to hear about the allergies. Pollen is high here too! I've made those pancakes before and they are good. Have a great weekend. :)

    1. Thank you for your sweet note, Sarah!
      Pollen is a sign that the summer is around the corner ... It is good that there is medicine that helps. Enjoy the growth in your garden - love the beautiful flowers you grow!

  2. Thinking of you, sweet Nina! I hope youa re feeling better soon and your allergies go away :)


    1. Thank you dear Stephanie! The sneezing isn't that bad now - and the weather report has promised a few showers of rain in the evening ... that clears the air from pollen!
      Enjoy the spring and the growth around you, Stephanie!

  3. I came across your quote earlier this week. I have never heard it before and it is a good one. It is perfect for your lovely image. I hope your allergies get better. It is a bummer to want spring to arrive and then get allergies along with it. I hope you enjoy your weekend!


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