Sunday, 22 May 2016

Peace and Confidence

Love On the Line by Hillsong Worship

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Blessings to your Sunday,


Here's a printable
of Isaiah 32:17
for you

P.S. My coming week is going to be rather busy and challenging - many things going on both at work and after work, 
so if you wish, keep me in your prayers - for wisdom and strength, peace & confidence to each day.

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Textures: 2 Lil Owls Studio


  1. This is a great scripture to ground you during a trying week. Lord, As Nina seeks you through a busy week, I pray that she will find rest in your perfect law. May she see your goodness all around her. Please lift her and provide strength when she is weak. I ask in Jesus' strong name. Amen.

  2. Blessings to you, this Sunday, Nina. Have a wonderful week ahead.

  3. Blessings and peace to you, Nina.

  4. I wish peace and confidence this comming week to you.
    Greeting from Elisabeth

  5. I hope you had a peaceful week, Nina, or at least found some moments.....Blessings xo Karen

  6. Peace and confidence. Precious things to have.
    Have a good evening! :)

  7. Beautiful, Nina. Enjoy the weekend.


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